The Mummy Returns

Corrected entry: In The Mummy, when the Pharaoh walks in on Anck Su Namun he asks her who touched her. In Evie's flashback during The Mummy Returns the Pharaoh doesn't ask about the smeared paint on his mistress' arm.

Correction: You don't see the entire scene from "Mummy One" so it is possible this was just missed.

Corrected entry: When Evie has the flashback where she is fighting Anck-Su-Namun, you see her twirling the sais around quite fast. It is quite obvious that these are aluminum sais, not full weight sais. It is close to impossible to do that particular move at that speed with full weight sais. (01:08:05)

Correction: I have a friend who is a martial-artist and he can spin swords, sais, and other weapons pretty darn fast. Plus, we don't know what the sais in the movie are supposed to be made of, they could very well be lighter "training-sais" for the girls to use.

Corrected entry: After John and O'Connell jump out of the window of their house, they land and you can see bullets hit the rail from the front. When the camera pans up, a bad guy is shooting from behind. (00:31:55)

Correction: The bullets hit the top of the railing, but the sparks from it fly in all directions, so it may seem like they are hitting the front, but it's not.

Corrected entry: At the end Izzy saves them just in the nick of time. Just before this part we see many shots of the entire area getting sucked in to the pyramid. You can see for miles, but no airship... (01:53:55)

Correction: Izzy comes from above them, so he conceiveably could have been "above camera" in those shots.

Corrected entry: The length of the boy's tie varies throughout the movie.

Correction: Ties can be untied and adjusted to different lengths. If it's too tight, or uncomfortable, Alex could have loosened it, whihc would make it appear longer, and later tighten it, making it look shorter.

Corrected entry: When the Scorpion King eats the black scorpion at the beginning, it is blatantly obvious it is a prop scorpion, as there is almost no movement, even though it was stinging him and attacking in the previous shots.

Correction: The scorpion's tail and claws seem to be moving quite a bit when the Scorpion King eats it. Even as he bit the scorpion, the tail was still moving.

Corrected entry: When Alex begins to make the first sand castle, he uses water from a cup brought by Lock Nah. The only problem, when he pours the water onto the sand, there is not nearly enough for a sandcastle like the one he made, and I seriously doubt he asked for any more water, as they were in the desert, and it was in short supply.

Correction: Actually, you see the water spread over a very a large area and would have been absorbed a lot in the area where he just poured it. The sandcastle is not very big. He seems to have just enough water and wet sand to build a sandcastle that size.

Corrected entry: In the beginning when they're running from the nile, they grab on to the steel grate above them... Didn't know the Egyptians made steel! (00:16:15)

Correction: Egyptians were using iron from 4000BCE and producing it themselves perhaps as early as 1000BCE. The grate may be iron.


Corrected entry: Probably one of the few times the plot of an entire movie hinged on a mistake. When Mathayus the Scorpion King is dying of thirst in the desert, he prays to Anubis, god of death, to bring him an invincible army to crush his enemies. Anubis does this, but in return makes Mathayus his eternal slave. The problem is: Anubis ISN'T the ancient Egyptian god of death. Although he almost always ends up miscast as this, the truth is he is the god of mummification and the GUARDIAN, not the god of, the dead. The true god of the dead is as yet unidentified in the Egyptian pantheon, but more likely than not belongs to Anubis's mother, Nephthys.

Correction: Anubis is Guardian of the Necropolis, where the dead bodies are kept, so if you want an army of mummies, it might make sense to ask him. If you want an army of dis-embodied ka's (souls), then you could ask Osiris, the God of the Afterlife and Anubis' father.

Corrected entry: In the first film, Imhotep must kill the Americans and take their organs etc. in order to regenerate. When he meets the first guy he takes his eyes and tongue, because before he had none. Then when he dies at the end, he is shown rotting back to his original, eye-less state. But in this film, when he is regenerated he already has eyes and a tongue, but he hasn't killed anyone yet. Where did they come from? (01:37:45)

Correction: If you listen to the chanting the men are useing to bring Imhotep back it is different then what Eve said in the first film. It's possible that this new spell could have brought him back stronger than before.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when it shows the Meji on his horse, there are many tracks all around him, as if someone, or many people were there before.

Correction: Many people, like the surviving Magi, who were there minutes before and left to regroup. Ardeth Bey remained to see if his friends had survived. Alternatively he's been there a while waiting and his horse has been pacing around.


Corrected entry: When Rick climbs the bridge and sees the bad guys speed off down the left side of the road. A car is approaching in that lane and swerves into its own left lane to avoid it. That means the car was driving on the right side of the London.

Correction: The other car approaches in its left lane, swerves right to the median to avoid the oncoming kidnap vehicle, then swerves left back into its original lane while the kidnap car begins on its right lane and crosses the median to travel properly in the left lane. It sounds complicated because of the diagonals, but it just means that both drivers were reacting to each other and moving toward their own lanes.


Corrected entry: Please explain to me how after their son is kidnapped in London, Evie, Rick, and Jonathan, DRIVE up to the hot air balloon place in Cairo the very next morning? How long would it have taken in 1933 to get from London, England to Cairo, Egypt? In this movie, overnight. It can't be a time lapse - we know the kid has only a few days to get to the pyramid.

Correction: After Imhotep tells the boy he has to get inside the pyramid within seven days of putting the bracelet on, the boy says that he only has five days. That means two days were spent travelling to Egypt.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Anuck and Nefertitti are fighting with the short swords in front of a larger audience in ancient Egypt, they are using Japaneese daggers, called Sai. Talk about globalisation.

Correction: Although this is true, it is quite possible that the Egyptians had their own form of the sai. For one thing, the octagon arms are much thicker set. Traditional Japanese sai have thinner arms and are almost always silver, a good deal of the time with bound handles.

Corrected entry: The balloon guy says something like "do you know how many cubic metres it takes to fill this thing (the balloon)?" when the metric system didn't come in for another 40 odd years.

Correction: The metric system was developed in France in the late 18th century, in fact during the French Revolution.

Corrected entry: It seems a bit odd that Ardeth Bay at the same time as facing the armies of Anubis personally is seemingly a true muslim referring time and again to Allah in Arabic. Islam being monotheistic it would deny the existance of other deities.

Correction: Allah is merely an Arabic word for God. My family are Arabic Catholics, and the term Allah is used in Church, and in everyday conversation to refer to God. The term Allah as it is referred to in the movie is perfectly correct in it's context, as the guy who uses it is merely referring to his God. The expressions he uses are common to all Arabic religions.

Corrected entry: As soon as Rick and Evelyn get home in London, they begin talking about going back to Egypt to look for the Oasis. Evelyn says the last known expedition to find the Oasis was sent by Ramases IV, but the words are hardly out of her mouth before she begins listing famous historical generals (Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Caesar) who sent expeditions. You even see Roman standards and Centurion corpses later on in the movie.

Correction: This is an "answer's in the question" mistake - she says that the last group to find the oasis was sent by Ramases - Napoleon, etc. sent expeditions, but they never returned.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rick and Evie are grieving the loss of Alex you can see the side of Rick's ammunition belt. The shotgun rounds are filled with a white powder signifying blank ammunition.

Correction: .(Shotgun cartridges from the time were capped off with paper at the end. This is what is seen, not white powder. The end of a shotgun shell must be sealed. How would we see the powder?)

Corrected entry: The mummies that attack during the scene on the doubledecker bus are supposedly pretty tough and can smash through brick and masonry walls. However, during the fight just before the bus hits the bridge, the mummy fighting Fraser acts like a normal person. The two grapple together, and the mummy has his hands around Fraser's throat and tries to strangle him. Not only does Fraser fend him off, he even breaks his grip and dives to the floor before the bridge hits. Pretty wimpy for a mummy that just tore through a steel bus roof. (00:44:30)

Correction: The mummy wasn't trying to strangle him; he was trying to do what Imhotep would do in terms of sucking his life out, (he even opens his mouth really wide to try and do this but Rick kept interrupting by punching him). In terms of being "wimpy", Rick just poked him in his eye sockets and the mummy reacted. Then Rick hit him before falling down when they were approaching the low bridge, and all of that was a surprise to the mummy; he had no time to react, especially when he couldn't even see what they were about to hit.

Corrected entry: Director Stephen Sommers appears as the man in the bathtub in Izzy's place.


Correction: Incorrect. Sommers did indeed record some audio of himself humming that is looped into the scene, but the man in the tub is just an extra.

Factual error: When Brendan Fraser & his son are running to reach the pyramid before the sun hits it, the sunrise line approaches the pyramid along the ground, but the sun would naturally have hit the pyramid at the top first and worked its way down to the ground. [Some people insist on trying to correct this - think of it this way. If the sun's illuminating the ground from way up in the sky, what's keeping something higher up than the ground in darkness?] (01:34:40)

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Suggested correction: Despite the additional comments this posting is wrong. The terminator line - the distinct boundary between sunlit day and dark night - moves horizontally across the surface of the earth, from east to west. It is perfectly feasible for the land behind Rick (i.e. to the east) to be in bright sunlight while the pyramid - to the west - is still in darkness. What is not feasible is anyone outrunning the terminator line, which moves at around 1500 kmh in the latitudes they are in.

Try it for yourself - get a round object, such as a basketball, a map tack and a flashlight. As you shine the flashlight on the ball you will see the equivalent of the day/night terminator line. Now stick the map tack into the ball and slowly rotate the ball with the light still shining on it. As it moves, the terminator moves and the map tack will become illuminated before the surface of the ball at the base of the tack. The light will move down from the top of the tack. The only way it would work as shown in the movie is if everything is exactly flat - with no differences in altitude above the ground. Obviously that is not the case. (Of course, if you don't want to poke holes in your basketball, you can use any combination of something round and something to stick to it.)

The original post is correct. Because of its sheer height, the top of the pyramid would receive direct sunlight first, just as a mountaintop receives sunlight before it appears on level ground.

Charles Austin Miller

It is perfectly possible for a mountain to be in complete darkness and the low lying land nearby to be brightly sunlit if the mountain is to the west and has not yet been reached by the terminator line. I repeat, the terminator line moves horizontally (in all practical terms) across the surface of the earth and as a result anything west of the line will be in darkness regardless of its height and will stay that way until the line reaches it.

Look, you're talking about mountains miles away beyond the terminator (so far away that they would be beyond the range of sight anyway). We are talking about a pyramid, easily the tallest thing in the immediate vicinity, in the near background, only a mile away at most. Under the physical conditions and locations present in this film, the pyramid should be illuminated top-down. Period.

Charles Austin Miller

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Rick: Right. She's a reincarnated princess, and I'm a warrior for God.
Ardeth Bay: And your son leads the way to Ahm Shere. Three sides of the pyramid. This was all preordained thousands of years ago.
Evelyn: But how does the story end?
Ardeth Bay: Ah, only the journey is written, not the destination.
Rick: Convenient.

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Trivia: In the tomb, Alex knocks over the columns the same way Evie knocked over the bookcases in "The Mummy."

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Question: The warriors for Anubis... What animal are they supposed to represent?

Answer: Jackals. More specifically, Anubis has been represented with the head of the Golden Jackal (although some now consider it to be the African Golden Wolf).


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