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Corrected entry: In the "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" scene, Satine says, "I believe it's lady's choice." Then she turns around to Christian and points her finger at him. The shot quickly changes to Christian, then to the wider shot of Satine. Here, you can see her hand flatten out and her mouth start to open. Then the shot once again quickly goes to Christian. When the shot goes back to Satine, her hand is once again in a pointing position, and then flattens out, with her mouth opening in a gasp. Apparently, she does this action twice.

Correction: This was not a mistake, the whole scene is supposed to be about her astonishment when she sees him. Its love at first sight, its slow and dramatic and the filmaker was trying to create the effect of a "double take".

Correction: A hat can stay on someone's head for a while when they're upsidedown. After a while it would start to slip, and his hat did that's why in some parts he was holding onto his hat.

Corrected entry: Two days in one. When Satine escapes from the Duke saved by Chocolat and when the "el Tango de Roxanne" is being sung, it is the night before premiere of Spectacular Spectacular. It is most evident from what the Duke said that day about re-writing the ending of the show: "It will be rehearsed in the morning, ready for the opening tomorrow night." But then we see that two days pass until the premiere. The next day is when Harold sings "The show must go on" And Satine tells Christian she is staying with the Duke. I believe the daylight is undeniable. Afterwards there is a night scene with heavy rain, when those two guys throw Christian to the ground and his friends bring him to bed. Then we see Christian pawning his typewriter, apparently during a day and that is the second day. I might accept that a pawn shop would be open at night in 1900, but if it all happened at one and the same night, it would be a very busy night with two radical weather changes and the premiere presentation beginning at least after midnight.

Correction: No, it's one day. The first night "El Tango de Roxanne" is sung, Satine packs and learns she is dying. The next morning, "The Show Must Go on" is sung and Satine tells Ewan it's over. It rains (the sky gets dark), heavily but briefly. In the afternoon, he goes to the Moulin Rouge, gets beaten up, then goes back to his apartment and sells his typewriter. That (second) night, he goes to the show and the ending starts. It's easy to understand if you see that the ground is wet the whole time.

Corrected entry: After the Argentinian has fallen through Christian's ceiling, he just hangs there swaying slightly. When Audrey asks through the hole if he is OK, you can still see him hanging. But in the next shot, you can see him lying on the floor even though nobody even touched him.

Correction: When the Argentinian fell there was a thud when what is holding him up breaks and he hits the ground.

Corrected entry: Right when Satine's swing starts circling while she's singing "Diamond's Are a Girl's Best Friend" you can see the rope attached to the swing at the bottom that is making the swing move.

Correction: There was no attempt to hide the rope as it would have been needed in the real Moulin Rouge to make the swing move, not just in the film - it's necessary for the act.

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Corrected entry: Right after Satine faints and Harry Zidler tells everyone at the Moulin to Hunkadoola away, Chocolat (the male dancer) is shown dancing in one scene with a hat and in the next without it and in the next with it again, and so on.

Correction: You can see that when Chocolate hasn't got his hat on its in his hand and you can see him take it off and put it on.

Corrected entry: During the movie Satine has long eyebrows. In the scene were she finds out she's going to die, she runs to Christian and suddenly her eyebrows are short.

Correction: Her eyebrow is filled in with eyebrow pencil for most of the movie, and seeing as she was 1. a courtesan and 2. a star in a musical it makes sense that she would have her makeup on almost all the time. In instances where her eyebrow is short, she could have just forgone the makeup that day.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Duke is watching the rehersal of the play and says he doesn't like it: when Satine is in the shot, a foot appears at the top of the screen for about a second.

Correction: If you look at the shot directly before hand, you see several actors from the play being lowered from the cealing.

Corrected entry: When Satine is coming down on the trapeze you can tell she is wearing a long dress, but then it cuts to Christian and back and she is in the normal costume she wore for that scene.

Correction: It is only the back of her costume that is long, as if to mimic "tails" on a man's tailcoat. It is the same outfit for the entire scene, until she changes clothes.

Corrected entry: When Christian and Satine got to the Elephant for the first time (when Satine still thinks he's a Duke), she throws him on the bed, jumps on him and starts opening his shirt and trousers. She even comments he's a "big boy". Yet when he gets up to sing, he's buttoning his flies but his shirt's immaculate.

Correction: Actually, his shirt remains wide bow tie, and unbuttoned most of the way for the remainder of the scene and the entire evening.

Corrected entry: In the scene in the Moulin Rouge where Satine and Harold are getting changed under the other Cortezans dresses - if you look you can see both of them are hidden from the audience by the other dancers dresses whilst they change, but its not until the next frame that you actually see the other dancers step up onto the stand and lift their dresses up to cover Harold and Satine - Yet the frame before they were covered by peoples dresses who weren't even standing there.

Correction: The first row of dancers are hiding Zidler and Satine. The group you are referring to hops up behind the first row for artistic effect, but the row of dancers hiding them is obviously in place before they change.

Corrected entry: In the overall view of Paris you see the entire Sacre-Coeur several times.. This is in about 1900, but according to "Eyewitness Travel Guides: Paris", the church was not finished until 1914, so it is impossible that we can see the entire church in the shot of the city of Paris.

Correction: Although it looks like the abbey Sacré-Coeur abbey is completely finished on the overall view, there are some shots where you get a closer look upon the abbey, like when Christian walks up from the Gare du Nord train station, or when the camera strafes around the builings. Even on the first CGshot of Paris, you can spot scaffoldings around the dome of the Sacré Coeur. You'll spot them almost every time you see the the abbey.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Satine is getting ready for the her and the duke's first meeting she is wearing a red dress. Zidler walks in and Satine asks if she is smoldering enough for the duke. Then in the next scene when Satine enters the elephant she is wearing black lingerie. If she wasn't going to wear the red dress to meet with the duke why did she ask Zidler if it was good enough to wear for the duke? When did she change?

Correction: Christian, who she at this stage believes to be the Duke, is already in the elephant at this point. Satine is clearly shown removing the red dress behind a screen so she did wear it to greet the man that she thought was the Duke before slipping into something more comfortable.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Duke argues that he doesn't like the end of the play and wants it to be changed you can clearly see in the background a man holding what seems to be a horse or a donkey, however when they cut from a shot of Nicole back to the Duke the horse and the man have disapeared. They cut between these shots for a while and the horse and the man keep appearing and disapearing.

Correction: The angles are a bit too close to call - there's no blatant disappearance - the wide shots from above the Duke don't show quite enough of the left of the screen to see the man and donkey.

Corrected entry: When Chocolat punches the duke, you see the duke with a bloody lip on the right side. In the next scene the duke's servant is treating his forehead on the left side.

Correction: He was very likely to have hit his head on the wall or a piece of furniture as he fell, and was being treated for that. In addition, in the scene where his head is being cleaned up, you can see blood in the right corner of his mouth from Chocolat's original punch.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film, Ewan Christian sells his typewriter to a pawnbroker. However, at the end of the film he types on that very same typewriter which he had previously sold.

Correction: It was a pawnbroker, after all - who's to say that soon after Satine died he didn't get a job or cash some other way and buy it back?

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Revealing mistake: There is a shot where the point of view of the camera is looking down at Christian and Toulouse from the opening in his ceiling. You can see John Leguizamo's legs behind him and that he is kneeling down. (00:06:00)

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Satine: Tell our story Christian, that way I'll-I'll always be with you.

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Trivia: OK, not a mistake, but just to stop all the easily-excited teenage boys submitting it... In the scene where Christian is reciting poetry to Satine and she is rolling on the floor, for a brief moment, you can see Nicole Kidman's nipple.

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Question: Why was Toulouse crying at the end of the Elephant Love Medley? If I am correct he was sitting on a balcony eating and drinking when singing the words "How wonderful life is, now you're in the world." Is it just that he is happy about his dream of finally getting the Bohemian Play? Is it a potential that he is in love with Christian or Satine. Another possibility is that he just happy seeing Christian in love, since Christian previously stated that he had never been in love before?

Answer: The way I saw it, that was Toulouse in present day singing, after the death of Satine etc.

He's a funny little man who is lonely himself. All he has is his bottle when everything is all said and done. He has nobody.

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