Four Lions

Continuity mistake: When the movie starts with the guys filming a video, the position of the rifle in the guy's hands is inconsistent in every single angle.

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Factual error: The 'Kebabish' shop, where Waj takes hostages and then blows up in, is supposed to be in London but is in fact in an area of Sheffield called The Wicker.


Factual error: When the main characters are confronted by the police in London in their 'fun-run' costumes, when they make a run from the police on a metal walkway that leads under a bridge, it is the Five Weirs Walk in Sheffield, not London.


Factual error: When the main characters are stanging outside the van in London putting on their costumes, it is in fact Sheffield because they are parked next to the railway bridge in an area called The Wicker.


Fessal: 'Can I have 12 bottles of bleach please?'
Barry: What's that?
Fessal: It's a woman's voice 'cause... They'd want lots of liquid peroxide... So they can... Dye her hair or something...
Barry: And her beard.
Fessal: What?
Barry: You've got a beard!
Fessal: I covered it!
Barry: You covered your beard? How?
[Fessal covers his beard feebly with his own hands.]
Barry: So you went into a shop... With your hands on your face, like that, and asked for 12 bottles of bleach? So why has she got her hands on her face, Fess?
Fessal: [after an uncomfortably long silence.] 'Cause she's got a beard.

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