Four Lions

Four Lions (2010)

Ending / spoiler

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All five bombers wind up blowing themselves up; Faisal (who blows up one of his crows) is blown up whilst falling from climbing over a wall (blowing up a sheep in the process). During the London Marathon (in which one costumed runner is shot by a sniper in a case of mistaken identity) Barry is blown up while someone is giving him the Heimlich Maneuver (which sets off his bomb) due to a bout of choking. Hassan is blown up whilst running to give himself up to police. Waj is accidentally blown up during a standoff with cops at a resturant siege. This prompts Omar to walk into a superdrug and detonates his explosives. Later on news breaks that thanks to Omar & Waj's incompetence with a R.P.G. a stray rocket accidentally massacred a terrorist training camp including osama bin laden.


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Fessal: 'Can I have 12 bottles of bleach please?'
Barry: What's that?
Fessal: It's a woman's voice 'cause... They'd want lots of liquid peroxide... So they can... Dye her hair or something...
Barry: And her beard.
Fessal: What?
Barry: You've got a beard!
Fessal: I covered it!
Barry: You covered your beard? How?
[Fessal covers his beard feebly with his own hands.]
Barry: So you went into a shop... With your hands on your face, like that, and asked for 12 bottles of bleach? So why has she got her hands on her face, Fess?
Fessal: [after an uncomfortably long silence.] 'Cause she's got a beard.



When the movie starts with the guys filming a video, the position of the rifle in the guy's hands is inconsistent in every single angle.