Four Lions

All five bombers wind up blowing themselves up; Faisal (who blows up one of his crows) is blown up whilst falling from climbing over a wall (blowing up a sheep in the process). During the London Marathon (in which one costumed runner is shot by a sniper in a case of mistaken identity) Barry is blown up while someone is giving him the Heimlich Maneuver (which sets off his bomb) due to a bout of choking. Hassan is blown up whilst running to give himself up to police. Waj is accidentally blown up during a standoff with cops at a resturant siege. This prompts Omar to walk into a superdrug and detonates his explosives. Later on news breaks that thanks to Omar & Waj's incompetence with a R.P.G. a stray rocket accidentally massacred a terrorist training camp including osama bin laden.


Factual error: When the main characters are confronted by the police in London in their 'fun-run' costumes, when they make a run from the police on a metal walkway that leads under a bridge, it is the Five Weirs Walk in Sheffield, not London.


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Waj: I think I'm confused, but I'm not sure.

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