Mississippi Burning

Continuity mistake: Anderson (Gene Hackman) visits Clinton Pell's wife and she's talking about Genesis 9, verse 27. In the first shot he's standing right behind her. In the next shot he stands on her left side. Then again right behind her.

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Revealing mistake: In the barber shop scene at the end of the film, Agent Anderson terrorises Deputy Sheriff Pell (who has a full head of hair) with a razor blade. Anderson throws him across the room, but the person being thrown across the room has a mostly bald head.

Other mistake: In one shot, during the lynching, the noose comes undone from the character's neck while he is hanging.

Deliberate mistake: In the scene where the FBI agents are transporting Lester Cowans in a car and telling him all his friends have confessed, for about three seconds the scenery goes by backwards. For some reason, the shot is played in reverse.

Continuity mistake: When the farmer's house is on fire and he goes to the barn to try and open the door, he is hit from behind. When they tie the rope around his neck and prepare to hang him, his forehead and face are bloody and I don't think he was ever hit directly in the face.

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Continuity mistake: When an agent is telling the major the story about the guy that was cut with a razor blade he throws his gloves on the table. Their position changes between shots.


Continuity mistake: In the opening sequences where the Klan is after the civil rights kids, the Sheriff's car ('57 Chevrolet) doesn't have the red light beacon on top. The red light isn't seen until right before the civil rights workers' Ford station wagon is stopped.

Continuity mistake: During the lynching scene, the Dad wakes up his son and daylight is shining through the window. In the next scene when he runs out the door with his shotgun it is night time.

Ward: Just don't lose sight of whose rights are being violated.
Anderson: Don't put me on your perch, Mr. Ward.
Ward: Don't drag me into your gutter, Mr. Anderson.
Anderson: These people are crawling out of the sewer, MR. ward! Maybe the gutter's where we outta be.

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Question: Who was the man who hung himself in the end?

Answer: The Mayor (played by R Lee Ermey) who had been told the story of Homer Wilkes and threatened with castration earlier on.

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