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Mississippi Burning (1988)

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Corrected entry: In the scene between Gene Hackman and the sheriff in the barber shop, they are talking about baseball, Hackman says that he always liked baseball because "it was the only time a black man can wave a stick at a white man and not start a riot." The movie is set in 1946, but the first black player (Jackie Robinson) didn't start until 1947.

Correction: The film is set in 1964, not 1946.

Correction: He was cut on the left side of his face. It only appeared it was on the right side because they were showing this from the viewpoint of the reflection in the mirror.

Corrected entry: Gene Hackman and Willem Defoe visits the house of Deputy Pell twice. After the first visit Gene tells Willem about the wedding photo (where some of the invitees show the Ku Klux Klan sign with their fingers). However, Gene has not seen the photo at this time. He does not see the photo until the second time he comes back to talk to Mrs. Pell.

Correction: It's fair to assume that he saw the photo during the first visit in its proper place in the living room - just because we're not shown him looking at it doesn't mean he didn't see it. This would make more sense of the second scene too - that he would bend down and pick up this particular item, of all of those scattered round the room, because he'd seen it before and it had some significance for him.

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Continuity mistake: Anderson (Gene Hackman) visits Clinton Pell's wife and she's talking about Genesis 9, verse 27. In the first shot he's standing right behind her. In the next shot he stands on her left side. Then again right behind her.

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Anderson: You know, if I were a Negro, I'd probably think the same way they do.
Ward: If you were a Negro, nobody would give a damn what you thought.

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Trivia: At one point you see a fiery white supremacist leader, preaching to a rally and saying things like, "Every white, Anglo-Saxon, Christian one of us." The actor playing that role is Stephen Tobolowsky - a Polish name, and also almost certainly not Protestant (as the speaker would have meant when he said "Christian".).

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Question: Who was the man who hung himself in the end?

Answer: The Mayor (played by R Lee Ermey) who had been told the story of Homer Wilkes and threatened with castration earlier on.

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