Robin Hood

Continuity mistake: On the beach after Robin kills Godfrey, he pulls Marian from the surf to save her and pushes her helmet off into the water, when he's walking up the beach with her in his arms, she has the helmet on again.

Continuity mistake: When the Sheriff reads the royal pronouncement decreeing Robin an outlaw to the citizens of Nottingham, he holds the top of the document with his right hand. He's then holding the top with his left hand, then back with his right again.

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Continuity mistake: The Sheriff asks why Marion is treating him like an enemy when she knows that he wants her, and has just forcefully grabbed her. His right thumb is on her left cheek in medium shots and is missing in close-ups of Marion's face.

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Continuity mistake: Marion is guiding a plow horse when a man comes to collect more tax. As she turns to tell him that her father-in-law is too poor to pay him, her long braid, which has been in front of her right shoulder, is now hanging behind her.


Continuity mistake: During the siege of Chalus Castle, a french cook aims a crossbow at King Richard the Lionheart. He holds it with his left hand in front and his right hand back on the trigger. A few seconds later, as the crossbow fires his right hand is now in front with his left on the trigger.

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