Midnight Run

Jack and the FBI hook up in Las Vegas to sting Solano during an exchange of the Duke for bogus evidence. The sting works and Solano & his goons are arrested by the FBI. Jack gets Duke back and continues his journey to turn the Duke into the bail-bondsman for $100,000. They land at LAX, but Jack reconsiders and releases him out of principle and gives him his watch as a gift. The Duke in turn gives him a gift of nearly half-million dollars which he was carrying with him the whole time.


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Jack Walsh: Here come two words for you: shut the fuck up.



When Jack and the Duke are in the restaurant car of the first train, Jack is eating a chicken leg in one shot. In the middle of a sentence he changes to eating jelly and ice cream, which he finishes. In the very next shot his bowl is full of jelly and ice cream again.



All of Dennis Farina's scenes were shot in Las Vegas; he was there filming his TV series Crime Story at the same time.