Midnight Run

Jack Walsh, bounty hunter, is hired by a bail-bondsman to catch his biggest bail-jumper, a mob accountant called the Duke. The FBI wants the Duke for testimony against his former boss and his boss wants him dead so he can't testify (plus he stoled millions from him). Walsh quickly captures the Duke in NY and has to return him to LA before the deadline. The journey takes him cross-country with the FBI and mob a step behind them. A second bounty-hunter also chases the two in an effort to steal the Duke and collect for himself.


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Jack Walsh: Here come two words for you: shut the fuck up.



When Jack and the Duke are in the restaurant car of the first train, Jack is eating a chicken leg in one shot. In the middle of a sentence he changes to eating jelly and ice cream, which he finishes. In the very next shot his bowl is full of jelly and ice cream again.



All of Dennis Farina's scenes were shot in Las Vegas; he was there filming his TV series Crime Story at the same time.