Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Corrected entry: Jim takes John to the so-called ballroom to show him a piece of his collection, the dagger with which Rasputin was killed. John puts his half-empty champagne glass down, and when Jim opens the box with the dagger the glass is almost full again. (00:23:55)


Correction: Not at all - the liquid remains consistent. Actually, Jude Law's hand changes on the bottle from the camera angle switch when he asks for $20. From the body of the bottle to the neck.

Corrected entry: There's a guy with a vial of poison - it is painfully obvious that the flies supposedly buzzing around him are actually attached to his head with wires.

Correction: It's deliberate.

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The Lady Chablis: Stop telling me what to do. I want to propose a toast. "From my top to your bottom. From your bottom to my top. From my middle to your middle. Be good John and I just might give you a little.

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Trivia: There were 4 trials for Jim Williams , not 1. The 4th and final trial took place in Augusta, Georgia, Not Atlanta.

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