The Princess and the Frog

Naveen is captured by the Shadow Man and his blood is extracted into a voodoo amulet. Ray tries to stop him, but gets squashed in the process. Tiana gets the amulet and smashes it. Without the amulet, the Shadow Man has nothing to pay back the Shadow Demons with and they drag him to hell. Naveen finds Tiana's friend Charlotte, who is a princess, and tries to get her to kiss him before midnight to break the spell(the spell can only be broken when Naveen kisses a princess). Tiana arrives and tells Naveen not to do it because she loves him. Charlotte then kisses Naveen so he and Tiana can be together, but it's too late- it's after midnight, so they are stuck as frogs. Naveen and Tiana are married and as they kiss, they are turned into humans(by marrying Naveen, Tiana is now a princess and the spell is broken). With Naveen's help, Tiana finally opens her restraunt, like she always wanted.


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