Trivia: Nicholas Cage, who played Big Daddy, purposely delivered his lines in the halting style used by Adam West in the 1960s "Batman" TV series.

Jeff Swanson

Trivia: The lead character Kick Ass AKA Dave Lizewski got his 'real' name in response to a competition held to give Kick Ass his alter ego. Not surprisingly, the person who won the competition is also called Dave Lizewski and opted to use his own name.


Trivia: The yellow Range Rover that Cody gets crushed inside is a nod to one of director Matthew Vaughns previous movies, Layer Cake, which featured the same brash coloured model.


Trivia: When Kick-ass follows Hit-girl up to the roof after killing everyone in Razul's apartment, you can see Big Daddy standing in front of a billboard promoting model Claudia Schiffer, who is married to the director, Matthew Vaughn.


Trivia: The comic book that Marty's reading, Sunaways, is a copy of the Marvel comic Runaways with a slightly modified cover.


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