After promising his new girlfriend Katie that he will quit being Kick-Ass, Dave appears on TV to unmask himself. However, it turns out that D'Amico's men have kidnapped Dave and Big Daddy, killed Hit Girl, and are broadcasting their brutal torturing of the two on live TV. They pour gasoline over them and are about to light them on fire when Hit Girl (who survived being shot by Red Mist) comes in and kills all the henchmen, but not before they burn Big Daddy alive. Kick-Ass and Hit Girl break into D'Amico's building and slaughter everyone except D'Amico and Red Mist. Kick-Ass fights and defeats Red Mist while D'Amico fights Hit Girl. D'Amico is about to kill Hit Girl, but then Kick-Ass shoots him with a bazooka (yes, a bazooka), blowing him out into the air from a high storey window. Kick-Ass and Hit Girl reveal their secret identities to each other. Hit Girl enrolls at Dave's school. Dave quits being Kick-Ass, but what he doesn't know is that Red Mist has vowed revenge for his father...


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