Whip It

Corrected entry: Bliss makes the team after only a few practices. I play roller derby. You have to go through a "fresh meat" program for a year then you have to go through a three part test of knowledge and skills, then you are part of the reserve team for six months to a year. Under no circumstances would Bliss have made the team that quickly.

Correction: This may be fact for YOUR league. But, as you know, Derby is "for the skater, by the skater" - and every league does things differently.

Corrected entry: In the tryouts, Razor calls out for the girls to throw hits. Immediately, one girl does, elbowing another in the face. Seconds later, however, she's revealed to be deaf, so there's no way she heard the instructions to throw a hit if she couldn't hear Razor yelling in her face. (00:21:00)

Correction: Deaf people can frequently read lips.

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