Surrogates (2009)

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Corrected entry: The scene when all surrogates are destroyed (falling over and crushing cars) should be in fact earlier - as soon as they are insulated from the network by Willis, because people wouldn't be able to control them from that moment. In the film they start to fall over not until when the virus is activated.

Correction: To prevent accidental damage to the surrogates, they have programming which keeps them upright even when not under a person's direct control. Rather like a Segway. The virus disrupts this programming causing the surrogates to topple.

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Corrected entry: In the middle of the film Bobby shows Peters that he is able to disconnect the operators from their surrogates causing the surrogates to instantaneously freeze in their movement.At the end of the film Bobby and Greer disconnect all Operators from their surrogates before the virus destroys them. This time the surrogates move on and can further be directed by their operators.

Correction: What is done at the end of the film is not the same action that was done during that attack on a woman. They stopped the humans from receiving the same signal that the surrogates would receive. They didn't stop operating them, else Peters' surrogate body would have done the same thing. They just severed the link for the data stream (that would disable the surrogates and kill humans) so that it only affected the surrogates.


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