Army of Darkness

Revealing mistake: In the part it shows Ash getting sucked into the time portal you can see the wire he is hanging from.


Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where the deadites are invading the drawbridge, a person gets slashed by a guy on a horse. When he falls, if you look quickly enough you can see the end of an airbag come up under the bridge.

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Continuity mistake: Ash has his shotgun stolen from him by the mini-Ashes who use to shoot at him. Ash then runs outside (all the while splitting into his good and bad halves) leaving his gun inside the windmill. Moments later Ash now has his shotgun again so he can blast Evil Ash in the face.

00:32:30 - 00:38:55

Continuity mistake: The mini-Ashes dump a bucket on Ash's head. First the bucket comes down to his chin, then it covers his chin, then it comes down to his nose, then to his mouth, all in a rapid succession of shots.



Continuity mistake: When Ash is in the pit, he grabs the chain that is moving that causes the spikes to come together. However, when he finally pulls himself up, the chain is attached to a spike in the ground. How was the chain moving?


Continuity mistake: When the witch falls the ground, playing possum, she is lying with her head away from Ash and Arthur, but when she jumps up, her head was where her legs were.


Revealing mistake: In the windmill, Ash slips and flips into a handstand. The harness can be seen pulling away from his butt.



Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Ash first goes to the graveyard where the Necronomicon is said to be located, for the first second of the third shot of the camera "chasing" Ash, in the lower lefthand corner you can see the booted foot of the person carrying the camera.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning when the wise man says to King Arthur something along the lines of, 'I believe he is the one written off in the Necronomicon. He who has been prophesied to fall from the sky and deliver us from the terror of the deadites,' He is sitting on the horse to the right of King Arthur. When King Arthur says, 'What? Who? Likely he is one of Henry's men,' the wise man is now on the other side of Arthur.


Continuity mistake: Before Ash flies through the vortex, you will see that he does not have a watch on his left wrist. Later he has a watch on his left wrist after he passes through the vortex.


Continuity mistake: The mini-Ashes ram a fork into Ash's behind from the left. He stands up and pulls it out of the right side.



Continuity mistake: When Ash is driving his modified car crushing skeletons and such, a skeleton jumps on the side of his car. Ash shoots him with his shotgun and A) the shot from the shotgun is it front of the skeleton (not hitting him), and B) when he says "Bye Bye", his mouth does not move.


Continuity mistake: When Ash falls through the portal he has his gun, and after the King's men seize him it's knocked out of his hand. After the King draws his sword to challenge Ash to combat, Ash shoots the sword with his gun. How did he get it back so fast?

00:04:45 - 00:17:45

Continuity mistake: When Ash emerges from the Vortex, he falls on what looks like mats. When he coughs, the mats are gone.


Continuity mistake: Ash, Henry, and the other prisoners all have clean, non-sweaty faces and neatly combed hair after trekking across the hot, dusty lands in the "chain gang" line. This is particularly noticeable on Henry just after Ash demands that the prisoners be set free; even his little hair decoration is still in place.


Deliberate mistake: Ash's car breaks out into the courtyard and the whirling, windmill thing batters the Deadites aside. We see the carnage a couple of times filmed from different angles, one Deadite, planted, legs apart, gets battered twice and the guys who come in from the left and are quickly jerked off screen are shown again seconds later.

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Phillip Churchfield

Visible crew/equipment: Before Sheila gets captured by the winged demon, as it is flying, you can see the what looks like a smaller winged demon behind it which is the crane holding it up or a problem with the film.


Visible crew/equipment: When the Army of Darkness marches towards the castle you can see a camera man in the bottom corner a few times. Widescreen version only.

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Continuity mistake: Ash throws the fork at mini-Ash with the points vertical, but it flies and lands with the points horizontal.



Continuity mistake: In the shot where Arthur's men have just started the spiked walls moving in the pit, Ash looks at the walls intensely. In this shot, if you have the full screen version on, you can see that his chainsaw is attached to his hand. They use that same shot later on right before he charges over to climb the wall.

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Continuity mistake: When Ash is in the pit and the spiked walls start moving inwards, how far apart the walls are keeps changing but not in a logical order until he crawls out of the pit.

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Continuity mistake: For the mini-Ash's only one is Bruce, all the others have fake chins on to make them looks like Bruce.


Continuity mistake: In ED2 and Army they obviously had no real way to make it look like Ash was missing a hand so they obviously had him put his hand in a fist and put a bandage over it, long wrist, eh?


Continuity mistake: In one of the scenes where Ash is fixing his new hand, specifically the scene where he is tightening the straps on his arm, you can see a big chunk of his hand past the wrist.


Continuity mistake: After Evil Ash is killed and Sheila is knocked to the ground, there is a close-up of her beautifully made-up face and coifed hair. Then Ash helps her up and she is grimy and disheveled and sweaty again.


Revealing mistake: When Ash is in the pit and the Wise One tosses him his chainsaw, as the chainsaw is tumbling through the air the ripcord on it is always hanging down. Shouldn't it be flying all over the place?


Other mistake: When Ash is splitting into his two halves, he backs into a huge tree and it moves. The tree moves again a few minutes later when bad Ash is shot and flies into it.

00:37:45 - 00:39:00

Continuity mistake: Ash's hairstyle varies throughout the film. The scene where he get the Necronomicon is the most obvious because in that scene he has very bushy hair.

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Factual error: After coming out of the pit, Ash gets three shots out of a double barrel shotgun. There was a sound of cocking when the shotgun has to be cracked open to re-load.

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Revealing mistake: When Duke Henry's soldier is thrown into the pit, the pair of soldiers holding him stop just short of actually throwing him off the ramp and he very obviously jumps into the pit.


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Factual error: When all is back to normal and Ash is back at his job at S-Mart, a witch shows up and starts trashing the place. Ash is knocked behind the sporting goods counter, where there is (of course) a cabinet containing guns. Ash then jumps up and blows the witch away, firing 37 times. He's using a .38 caliber Winchester Model 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine with a "Trapper" loop lever. It only holds 9 rounds.

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Revealing mistake: When Ash is forced to swallow one of the mini-Ashes, it's obvious that the two mini-Ashes pinching his nose aren't actually touching him and have been green-screened in.


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Other mistake: Just after his 'If any of you primates even touches me' speech, Ash yells and then turns to shoot the pit monster. Only problem is, while he's yelling, Ash is turning to his right. But in the next shot, he's turned to his left.


Continuity mistake: Ash is chased by an evil entity to an abandoned windmill and only prevents it from getting him by barricading the door shut, yet when he smashes the mirror you can see the door behind him and it's wide open.

00:30:10 - 00:31:45

Continuity mistake: When Lord Arthur shoots the crossbow at the fleeing prisoner near the beginning, the camera angle changes to that of the arrow. For a moment, before the camera changes angles again, the arrow is going slower than the guy running.


Continuity mistake: Where did Ash's chainsaw go? He uses it once to get out of the pit, once to dismember bad Ash, and then it disappears. Why didn't he use it during the final fight, when a chainsaw would have been much more effective than a sword, even while not running.


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