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Corrected entry: Allegedly Sam Raimi bought at least ten Oldsmobiles to be used as stunt cars for this film, however, he still drove his original Oldsmobile to the set everyday. When filming the scene where Ash and his car crash land in the dark ages, Bruce Campbell and a few technicians swapped Raimi's Oldsmobile for the stand in that was to be hoisted up and dropped. Raimi never noticed until he'd shot the scene twice then walked onto the set to check if the car was still in good enough condition for a third take. Amazingly enough, it was.

Correction: No. Raimi's private property, which everyone knew had a high sentimental value, was not destroyed for a prank. This is just a rumor.


Corrected entry: After the army of the dead breaks through the main castle door, the humans rush to meet them. If you look carefully, there's an iron gate suspended above the two groups just before they clash. Why didn't the men drop the gate? It would have given them more time.

Correction: More time would not have done any good. The humans aren't trying to stall so that something else happens, they have to destroy all the deadites so they will be safe. The enemy is too close to continue using the artillery and archers.


Correction: This is can be easily explained. In a deleted scene at the start of the movie they all yelled hail. The wiseman thinks he is the promised one but only arthur thinks he is one of Henry's men. The soldiers just go along with Arthur.

Corrected entry: In the scene where mini-Ash is about to be stomped, he holds up a nail and although there is the sound of the nail going through the shoe of big Ash, you can see it never penetrates.

Correction: It does penetrate when his foot comes down. It goes into the shoe near the toes. Its a dark scene but you can see it.

Correction: That's simply not true. I'm French and huge fan of the Evil Dead trilogy and Bruce Campbell. In France, Army of Darkness is "L'Armee des tenebres" which has the same meaning.

Corrected entry: When Ash is running from the evil presence, before it has overtaken him, he stumbles and falls a few times. At one time he jumps over a fallen log. When this happens, the camera (evil presence) breaks through a tree stump to come after him. If you watch in slow motion, or are very observant, you will see that there is a kabuki mask inside the stump. Must be some crew-members idea of a joke.

Correction: Mislabled trivia. Not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Ash first makes his new robotic hand, it whirs and clicks loudly as it crushes the goblet. For the rest of the movie his hand never makes a sound. (00:23:00)


Correction: Ash is seen making adjustments to the hand when the girl brings him the "horseblanket" shirt. He was getting rid of the clicks and whirs.

Corrected entry: One of the deadites who Ash fights in the pit is crushed by the spike walls. After Ash gets out, no one ever opens the spike walls. So how does the deadite emerge from the pit? (00:15:20 - 00:18:50)

Correction: As we've seen in the previous installments deadites posses almost unlimited amounts of physical strength and don't die easy,so there is a chance that the spikes didn't kill him so he might of used his strength to pry the spikes open,that also serves as another answer why there is a splash when he gets shot back down.

Corrected entry: During the castle scene, when the monster gets shot, he falls down and you can hear water splash, but you never see the guards open the spiked walls with the mechanism they use to start it up. (00:19:00)

Correction: When Ash shoots the deadite (monster), his first round from the shotgun hits the chain and it breaks. It is this chain that controls the spike pit, so when the chain breaks, it opens it up. Then Ash delivers the fatal blow, where it is killed and lands in the water.

Corrected entry: The stocks Ash is wearing at the beginning depend on the hand being larger than the wrist and thus not able to squeeze back out through the wrist-sized hole. How does Ash's handless wrist stay in it? (00:00:25)


Correction: Ash's arm is chained up in a way that it wouldn't come out. There are chains that go from the stock to his elbow holding his arm in place.

Corrected entry: During the final showdown between Ash and Bad Ash, Bad Ash tosses a dagger at Ash. The way he flings it, it seems to land sideways at his feet, but a camera cut shows it to stab the stone beneath Ash as he rolls to the side.

Correction: It might seem that way, but slowmo shows it flying off the lower right side of the screen. Ash is on a lower platform, so this is consistent.


Corrected entry: When Ash first uses his shotgun in the castle, he never reloads it. He manages to fire at least 4 shots out of a double barreled gun. (00:21:40)

Correction: I assume that this refers to Ash's fight with the witch (that being the only time I remember him firing the shotgun in the castle). He fires four times, but he does reload. First, he shoots the cauldron out of the witch's hands. In the next shot he reloads. Then he kicks the witch, spins around, and backhands her. He fires twice during this sequence, emptying the shotgun. The next shot is of the witch, and you don't see Ash reload, but you can hear it off camera. I think this is where you were confused. The fight ends with Ash firing over his shoulder, using both barrels. It goes shoot, reload, shoot, shoot, reload, shoot.

Corrected entry: In "Evil Dead II" (1987), Ash takes a handful of shotgun shells from the fireplace mantle. In "Army of Darkness" (1993), he fires off more shells than he could have possibly picked up, or even stored on his person.

Correction: Although it it true Ash only picked up a few shells in Evil Dead II, he has more in the back of his Oldsmobile. As is shown in the scene when the gunpowder is being made using the chemistry book.

Corrected entry: In the final battle, when Ash is driving his car with the propeller on etc, a deadite says "Its the one in the car we want, get him." How could it know its called a car?

Correction: Remember that the deadite leader is an evil version of Ash who would have that sort of information and may have told his goons to look out for something called a car. There is plenty of time for this to have occured off screen as it takes evil Ash a while to assemble his troops.

Corrected entry: At the end of Evil Dead II, Ash is surrounded by soldiers. When a deadite comes swooping down, he blows it away with his shotgun, and is heralded by the soldiers. However, in Army of Darkness none of this takes place, and Ash is accused of being a spy.

Correction: This is similar to the difference between the first and second films, although this is rather more drastic and plot altering.

Corrected entry: In the pit, the distance between the spike walls constantly changes. It's very obvious from the first shot above that the walls are closing quickly and Ash only has twenty seconds at most, but the fight continues much longer. (00:13:30)


Correction: The spiked walls are being closed by people turning the wheel above the pit. It is possible that they were not turning it at a constant speed.

Correction: There are a great number of differences in costume, character, and plot events that differ between these two movies. Just like Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 (which recaps most of Evil Dead in fifteen minutes but ignores several characters and events from the original), Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness are not meant to be contiguous and mistakes like this don't apply.


Corrected entry: Where did Ash's chainsaw go? He uses it once to get out of the pit, once to dismember bad Ash, and then it disappears. Why didn't he use it during the final fight, when a chainsaw would have been much more effective than a sword, even while not running. (00:39:50)

Correction: It's debatable whether a chainsaw would be more useful than a sword. Ash could have simply decided against using his chainsaw. Alternatively, he could have used it off-screen, but it simply broke. Also, Ash is commonly depicted to be an idiot, so that could explain it.

Correction: In addition to the other answer, it's also entirely possible he simply ran out of gas for it, and didn't want to siphon gas from his car to use it. Either way, a character discarding a weapon isn't a mistake in the slightest.


Corrected entry: When Ash is fighting Evil Ash, Ash flips over Evil Ash and stabs him in the back with his sword. However when Evil Ash pulls it out and throws it at Ash, it is a tiny dagger. (01:07:25)

Correction: Not so. After Evil Ash pulls it out he holds it by the blade and throws it at Ash. It misses and is burried about 3/4 of the way into the floor. It never stops being a sword.

Corrected entry: When the army of the deadites arrives at the castle, Evil Ash says something along the lines of "Bring me forth into that castle." A few moments later, he says "Sally forth!" only not being able to say forth because of his decayed mouth, despite being able to say it only moments before.

Correction: The second time his jaw came lose because he yelled it. The first time it didn't.


Correction: His mouth wore out after saying it the first time?

Questions are not acceptable corrections. A valid in-movie reference to support your speculation is needed.


Continuity mistake: Ash has his shotgun stolen from him by the mini-Ashes who use to shoot at him. Ash then runs outside (all the while splitting into his good and bad halves) leaving his gun inside the windmill. Moments later Ash now has his shotgun again so he can blast Evil Ash in the face. (00:32:30 - 00:38:55)

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Duke Henry: I am Henry the Red, Duke of Shale, Lord of the Northlands and leader of its people.
Ash: Well hellooo Mister Fancypants. I've got news for you pal, you ain't leading but two things right now: Jack and shit... And Jack just left town.

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Trivia: When Ash opens his trunk to get out some useful items, there is a Fangoria magazine and the cover is for Army of Darkness.

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Answer: Bruce Campbell played Evil Ash, as well as playing both 'Ash' Williams and the mini-Ash.


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