The Final Destination

Trivia: The huge crash that starts the film takes place at McKinley Speedway. The students who die in Final Destination 3 attend McKinley High School, and there is an running gag in that film that one of the students targeted for death is also named McKinley.

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Trivia: In the end scene (right before the lead characters go into the cafe shop) you can see a bus drive past with the number 180 printed across the top. The number 180 was a significant number in the first three Final Destination films.

Trivia: The opening shows the 6 car going to repair his tires. The car and the two flags together form "666".


Trivia: The theater number towards the end where Lori and Janet go, is an unlucky 13.

Trivia: Shirley Walker composed for every FD film up until this point except this one. She died in 2006.

Trivia: The significant number from the previous three films, 180, is also seen at the beginning of this film - it is the section number that everyone is sitting in during the race.

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Trivia: For the 3-D, the film's producer Craig Perry said that he wanted it to add depth to the film instead of just "something popping out at the audience every four minutes."

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Trivia: A number of video games feature The Final Destination posters: Saints Row 2 has posters around the city taped to walls and poles, Skate 2 features billboards with posters on them, and Mercenaries 2: World in Flames added billboards with the movie's logo. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 also features the teaser posters hidden around certain maps with the main goal to find all of the posters for a chance to win $1,300.

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Factual error: Towards the end of the movie, there's a drum of liquid with the number 4 on it. Number 4 is only on solids, not liquid flammables.

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Hunt Wynorski: We just lost one hot MILF!

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Question: When the girl is going into the car wash, the sign right before she enters on the left advises her to put the car into neutral, but to make sure her foot is on the brake. Neutral would allow the car to advance through the automatic wash. Having the brake engaged would prevent the car from moving forward. They cancel each other out so what is the point?

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Chosen answer: Actualy it says she should put it in neutral and keep her foot OFF the brake.

Answer: It tells her to keep it in neutral and keep her foot off the brake and the carwash stops then starts moving again when her head is stuck; out of the sunroof.

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