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Corrected entry: The construction workers have run out of nails for the nail machine. But when the actors come, the machine is full of nails again.

Correction: It wasn't out of nails, it just jammed. You can see him hit it a few times to clear it, but put it down to take his break.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the custom car shop, Lori hits a lever that causes the black van to drop down on the car lift. Those lifts have special devices within the lift rails that prevent that kind of situation from happening. When she hit the lever, the car may have dropped a couple or a few inches but not drop almost all the way back. The safety mechanisms would have engaged instantly.


Correction: Pretty close, but the safeties have to be engaged to prevent it from falling, and not all mechanic shops do that, instead relying on the hydraulic pressure to hold the rack up. If the safety hasn't been engaged, or is faulty, the lift can still fall all the way down. I've unfortunately seen it happen.


Corrected entry: In the mall scene where Nick's trying to keep Lori from going into the mechanism of the escalator, her legs are being shredded (crushed) in the machine and blood is coming out of her mouth. Medically speaking that can happen if there is internal bleeding, or a wound relatively close to the head, but this would not happen with a broken leg.

Correction: It's a premonition. Premonitions are not always very factual, especially if the person having the premonition doesn't know the "actual" specifics. So, at best, it's a character mistake, not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene with the escalator, the shots showing its inner workings near the bottom depict many chains and a couple of rollers sitting out wily nilly. Real escalators only have a simple return wheel (or gears on the sides) and a bunch of empty space at the bottom. (01:08:15)

Correction: It's a premonition, not fact. His premonition was not accurate, meaning he doesn't really know what the inner workings of a escalator look like.


Factual error: Towards the end of the movie, there's a drum of liquid with the number 4 on it. Number 4 is only on solids, not liquid flammables.

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George Lanter: I've been trying to kill myself all day!

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Trivia: In the end scene (right before the lead characters go into the cafe shop) you can see a bus drive past with the number 180 printed across the top. The number 180 was a significant number in the first three Final Destination films.

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Question: Is there a song that plays before the deaths like in the first three films? I've seen the movie and I do recall about two songs, but I'm not sure.

Answer: No.

Answer: Nope not in this one.

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