The Matrix

Continuity mistake: As Neo fights the guards in the main floor of the government building, he does a one handed somersault while shooting at the guards. If you watch closely on a shot behind Neo, he is aiming his gun way off to the right side yet still manages to shoot the guards. (01:39:15)

Continuity mistake: When Neo is on the ledge outside of the office trying to follow Morpheus's instructions, he wraps his hand around the pillar to attempt at making a pass. If you look, you can see multiple hand prints from where Reeves had repeated the shot over and over. (00:15:45)

Continuity mistake: In the subway fight scene, the shot where the agent is holding Neo down while the train is coming, you can see the Agent's tie in front of his arms, in the shot just as Neo is getting ready to jump with the agent you can see the agent's tie neatly pinned back with a tie clip. (01:57:48)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene following Neo's death and 'rebirth' he stops the bullets fired by the agents and they fall to the floor. However when we see Neo walking forward, the bullets have disappeared along with the blood stain on the wall from when he was shot. (02:00:45)

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Continuity mistake: When Neo and Morpheus are in the hallway to see The Oracle, the shot of Neo's hand on the knob shows Morpheus with his sunglasses on. Morpheus is in shot the whole time when the door's opened, and he doesn't move an inch, but in the front shot as he walks through the door, his sunglasses have suddenly been removed. (01:07:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Morpheus is being interrogated by the agent alone, the camera switches from behind Morpheus, to just forward of him and back a few times. If you look at the agent's hand on Morpheus' head, you can see that his fingers switch from behind his ear to both sides of his ears as the camera changes. (01:36:25)

Continuity mistake: When Neo gets the phone from the delivery guy, he goes to open the package as the guy is leaving. You can see that when the guy leaves the shot Neo is about to reach in to get the phone, but when the delivery guy is gone completely, Neo is only moving his hand over to start opening the package. (00:12:40)

Continuity mistake: After filling a room full of holes with the machine gun from the helicopter, the Agents abandon their current bodies and take control of ones that were standing outside the door to the room Morpheus was held in. Where were these guys the whole time the gunfire was happening in the next room? The Agents were standing in relaxed positions as soon as they took control. Wake up guys. (01:44:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Neo is waiting under the bridge to go into the car with Trinity, Switch and Apoc, watch when the car pulls up, you see the back door open completely and then it cuts and then you see Trinity open it again. (00:21:45)

Continuity mistake: This is a small one but easy to see. When Neo is looking at his computer showing messages about the matrix and the white rabbit, there is a shot of Neo asking "Who is it?"; then we see a shot of the black screen, and finally Neo face again, but with a different hairstyle. (00:06:45)

Continuity mistake: Throughout the "lobby scene" the walls and pillars of the lobby are shown being torn apart by bullets. At the end of the scene, Neo and Trinity proceed into the elevator and the overall damage is apparent. They set the bomb, get out of the elevator and the bomb and elevator drop. When the explosion is exiting the elevator shaft, the lobby is spotless... no SWAT men, no guns, and perfect pillars and walls, not a bullet hole in sight. It could be said that the dead guards are on the sides of the room, invisible from the camera's angle... but what about the last guy Neo kills right in front of the elevator? (01:44:10 - 01:45:30)

Continuity mistake: When Neo has just jumped from the helicopter, he is left standing with the safety rope next to his right foot. He then slings it round his right arm, and he's looking at the rope on the floor, which has moved next to his left foot. (01:46:05)

Continuity mistake: When on the rooftop and the agent and Neo are shooting at each other Neo runs out of bullets and places the guns in front of him he starts avoiding the bullets. The camera angle changes and the guns disappear. When the camera angle goes back the guns are there and he reloads them. (01:07:00)


Continuity mistake: When Neo unloads two 9mm Berettas at an agent who dodges all the shots, right after he runs out of ammo, the camera is facing Neo dead on and the recoil slides on the pistols are closed. The next shot where he drops them and says, "Trinity... help." the slides are locked back with the ejection port open. (01:46:20)

Continuity mistake: When Neo drops the FedEx envelope on his desk after he pulls out the cell phone from the delivered package, it lands right next to a keyboard on top of a cable/wire. When the phone immediately rings and he answers the call, in the wider shot showing the whole cubicle with Neo still in his seat, the envelope is now resting partway on top of the keyboard. Then when he stoops next to his desk after nervously crouching about in his own cubicle wondering to Morpheus what the unknown group of men who is coming to his office wants from him, the overhead shot shows the envelope now closer to the edge of the desk (bottom of the screen), well clear of the keyboard. Yet in another shot from outside the cubicle just a little later, as he makes a dash out of his office according to Morpheus' instructions, the envelope is back resting on the keyboard. Those FedEx packages must really move. Also, what's the deal with the cable that's unplugged on his desk? (00:13:27)

Continuity mistake: At the beginning, when Trinity walks across the wall, she walks by the same corner in two different shots (in the first one she already reaches the corner). (00:03:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Neo lands on the ground after being shot on the roof, there's no sun/shadows, but when the agent comes up to him straight afterwards, there's a very defined shadow behind Neo. (01:42:10)

Continuity mistake: Right at the beginning of the film, where Trinity is running for the phone box, a shot of the box is shown and we see the lights of the truck appear on it. In the next shot we watch the truck turn and then see its lights swing onto the phone box. (00:05:30)

Continuity mistake: Near the end, after Neo steals the cell phone, as he's running away, you first see the cell phone owner from the front, waving his right arm and shouting. The next camera angle shows the owner from behind waving his right arm, but he has obviously already been inhabited by the agent (the suit colour's the giveaway). The next cut has the "Agent inhabiting body" sound effect, and he turns around to begin chasing Neo. (01:54:20)

Continuity mistake: On the rooftop when Neo and Trinity are trying to save Morpheus, one of the Agents starts shooting at Neo. You can see the glass behind Neo doesn't shatter whilst he is shooting.

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Continuity mistake: When Neo is out on the scaffolding and loses his phone, the first shot down is of an empty street, in the shot of the phone falling the street is filled with people and a big parade, then it cuts to a wider shot and the people have vanished again. (00:15:55)

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Morpheus: You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

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Trivia: It's been said that Neo is an anagram for "one". I think it's more important to realise that Neo means "new". His real name is Thomas Anderson. He is called Thomas at the beginning of the movie, when he doubts the truth -- that the world as he knows it is not real. Thomas is the "doubting" disciple in the Bible. Moreover, Anderson means "son of man". Hence, Neo Anderson is the New Son of Man. The biblical references go on and on... Trinity, Nebucadnezzar (the name of the ship -- in fact, the name plate on the ship makes reference to a verse in Mark chapter 3), Zion... So not only is Neo "the One", he has gone from being the doubter to the new son of man.

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Chosen answer: The pills are the Matrix representations of computer programs. The red pill contains code designed to disrupt Neo's input/output signals, so that Morpheus' team can pinpoint his physical location in the real world. Once located, a signal of unspecified type is sent from their ship, which presumably serves to wake Neo up.

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