Corrected entry: In the scene after AJ, Bear and the cosmonaut do their Evel Knievel jump across the canyon; one shot shows AJ opening the hatch of the Armadillo whilst Bear relaxes in the front seat with his helmet off. How was he able to breathe when all the oxygen escaped the Armadillo?

Correction: The hatch to the outside could be in a separate pressurized compartment that allows one to leave without disturbing the others.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the Russian space station starts to collapse A.J and the Russian cosmonaut gets trapped in a room. In order to check that everyone has reached their respective ship Houston turns on a "personal radar" which lets them see everyone in the station in a 3d-model on screen. This is done through trackers in the Americans space-suits. Only problem is that the cosmonaut also shows up on radar and he, apart from already being there for a great period of time, definitely does not have an American space-suit with a tracker.

Correction: Since the image sent back is 3D, that implies there is some sort of sonar-ish signal emitted from the trackers. These signals would bounce off of the cosmonaut same as they would anyone (or anything) else.


Corrected entry: When the astronauts are on the surface of asteroid then they feel almost no gravity but when they're inside the space ship the gravity is similar to earth. New gravity gear from NASA?

Correction: What makes you think they feel no gravity on the asteroid? They're walking around, moving equipment, etc.and there is obviously gravity. It is LESS than Earth's gravity, that's all.

Corrected entry: At the beginning when the small asteroid fragments destroy the satellite and kill the astronaut you can see that the pieces fall down even though they should be in zero G.

Correction: They fall down because they are caught in the gravitational pull of Earth.


Corrected entry: The scene where one of the spaceships crashes on the asteroid and Ben Affleck and the Russian guy try to find "Bear" sparks from the electric wiring are flying everywhere. There is no oxygen in space to make sparks.

Correction: There is no oxygen in space to create an electrical fire you mean. Electric sparks are possible in space, it's just that they can't create a fire.


Corrected entry: In the film, there was a reference to a "French space agency." Unfortunately, there's no such thing, and the closest is the European Space Agency which has its headquarters in Paris.

Correction: There is a "French Space Agency", it's called Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES).

Corrected entry: When we're first shown Harry's rig, after he's golfing on Greenpeace, his assistant tells him he "just found out something interesting". But, you can obviously see that he got that information from a written report he holds in his hands. That report was in his hands before Harry was golfing. You would assume that he'd report this important matter immediately to Harry, but he waits until Harry's done golfing on Greenpeace's head.

Correction: "Just" is a very relative term and in this case probably means that he "just" found out when he read the report himself (nothing suggests that he wrote it) and that he "just" came to tell Harry. Also, we don't know that Harry was done golfing at the time, only that something more important (the report) came up.

Corrected entry: In the movie they show people around the world praying. They show a shot of Taj Mahal in India and hundreds sitting around praying. Oops, Taj Mahal is not a place of worship, it's a tomb.

Correction: It is a tomb; it is also a place of worship. Mosques and tombs often go together - much like churches and graveyards I assume.


Er, not in India. There is no religious significance to the Taj Mahal.

There is a mosque (and jawab) attached to the tomb, so they are probably praying to the mosque but there being so many they are praying outside in the courtyard. They pray to the east so towards the Taj Mahal, so it looks like they are praying to the tomb, but they are not.


Corrected entry: Just before A.J goes down the chute in the Russian space station to refuel the rockets, you can see an American flag behind him. Odd that an American flag would be on a Russian space station.

Correction: Odd, perhaps, but far from impossible. Someone has made a character decision to bring it on board, simple as that.


The American flag is upside down, indicating a nation in distress. It could be the Russian taking a dig at America.


Corrected entry: One of the things the creators of the movie did not think out is the issue of the asteroid's gravity. There are several problems with that. It is stated that the asteroid is the size of Texas. Even if we assumed it to have had 1000 miles of diameter (a really huge asteroid) and the same density as Earth it would have gravity of about 12% of Earth's gravity. In the movie it can be seen (even though stated otherwise) that the teams operate under earth-like gravity - tools, piping elements, debris all fall down with quite an acceleration. Also the astronauts move about very conveniently - much more easily than would for example on the Moon. On the other hand if we assumed that the asteroid had much higher density, which allowed it to had significant gravity, a near passing (a couple of hundred kilometers) of such a massive body alone would probably wipe out humanity just as efficiently as a direct hit. Even if we assumed that the asteroid's diameter was only 500 miles and its density was about the density of the Moon, the near passing of its two halves would wreak havoc on Earth as the influence of their gravity on, for example, ocean tides, would be up to 20 times bigger than Moon's.

Correction: The mathematicians at NASA would have taken the fragments into account and set up the "zero-barrier" sufficiently far away. This is why the earth sees no effects from them. And gravity is increased due to the asteroid spinning.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie there is a flyover by Air Force jets (the Thunderbirds possibly?). At the end of the flyover one jet peels off in what I believe is supposed to be the "missing man formation." However, the plane that leaves is the one in the back middle. This is incorrect, as it leaves an intact 5-plane V. Instead one of the planes to the side of the lead plane (on either side) should have left, leaving an unbalanced, "missing" formation.

Correction: Then it's obviously not the "missing man formation". These are professional pilots. What they're doing is done on purpose. They didn't just throw a few stuntmen into fighter jets and tell 'em to try to do something cool. This isn't a movie mistake.


Factual error: During the scene where it shows people all over the world, just before the shuttles take off, it is daylight everywhere. It would actually be dark or near dark in parts of the world.

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Trivia: The character Freddy Noonan appears in, or is referenced in many scenes yet is more or less an afterthought. This is the same name as Amelia Earhart's navigator, who was involved in one of the most famous real life aerial mysteries, but is also a largely forgotten person.


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Question: Does anyone know what the NASA employee says to Lev the cosmonaut the first time we see him? It sounds like "stasveecha"


Chosen answer: It's close to "zdrasveetsya" phonetically, which is a colloquial greeting like: "how are you doing".


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