Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when they are heading back to earth the astronauts are wearing space suits and the pilots are wearing flying clothes but when they touch down the astronauts are wearing orange uniforms and the pilots blue.

Correction: There was plenty of time between leaving the asteroid and landing one Earth for everyone to put on their flight suits (the orange and blue uniforms).

Corrected entry: At the beginning when the Chinese people arrive on Harry's rig, Harry says that Grace is going out with AJ due to a lack of choices because no one else is in her age bracket. However, after AJ proposes to Grace, Harry says that Oscar is 5 minutes older than Grace.

Correction: Harry didn't literally mean that Oscar was born five minutes before Grace, he's saying that Oscar is not old enough to have been a father figure to her. We also don't know if Oscar is single or not, he might have a girlfriend we don't get to see, if so he wasn't an option for Grace to date.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, the United States is making all the decisions about how to do things. This is most demonstrated when the President of the United States gives the order to remote detonate before the 800 ft. hole is dug. Why does the President get to decide and almost doom the whole planet? Shouldn't the UN make decisions like that?

Correction: Remember the quote: "The United States government just asked us to save the world..." It is a NASA mission (with some co-operation from Russia), not a joint world mission. The President is head of NASA's chain of command, hence he gets to make all the decisions. He is also the sole person to authorize if, when, and where a US nuclear warhead can be detonated.

Corrected entry: As the 2 shuttles are leaving the atmosphere, the SRB's and ET (solid rocket boosters, external tank) break away at the same time. In reality, the SRB's break away much sooner than the ET, as the SRB's are only used to get the shuttle off the ground.

Correction: On a real shuttle yes. The shuttles in the movie are not space shuttles, they are X-71s. Different design, different launch procedures.

Corrected entry: At the very end, when the camera pans across the attendees of Grace's wedding, we see the stand-ins and not the real cast. Chick's stand-in doesn't look anything like him and for awhile I thought it was the loanshark, but why would he be sitting in the front row of Grace's wedding? Apparently, those that survived the asteroid couldn't tolerate a Ben Affleck wedding and sent representatives on their behalf.

Correction: The people in the front row are the cast. The man sitting next to Chick's (ex)wife isn't Chick's stand-in. I believe this is supposed to be Harry's father, Hollis Vernon Grap Stamper, who is in a black tux. During the camcorder-like pictures during the credits we can see Chick himself in a white tux standing behind A.J.

Corrected entry: In the movie they show people around the world praying. They show a shot of Taj Mahal in India and hundreds sitting around praying. Oops, Taj Mahal is not a place of worship, it's a tomb.

Correction: It is a tomb; it is also a place of worship. Mosques and tombs often go together - much like churches and graveyards I assume.


Corrected entry: To increase the chance of success, there's a backup for everything: we have 2 crews, with 2 shuttles, 2 armadillos etc. However, when we get the crisis where the government wants to blow up the nuke before the hole is finished, there is only one bomb. Isn't there a second nuclear bomb in the shuttle that crashed?

Correction: They lost communications with that ship and (presumably) everything on it. That's why they say nothing about detonating the second bomb.

Timothy Conard

Corrected entry: Liv Tyler and Billy Bob Thorton are in Florida to greet the heroes upon their return. Weren't they just in Houston a few minutes earlier?

Correction: Well it would take the shuttle a while (days maybe?) to get back to earth. It takes about 3 hours to fly a plane from Texas to Florida.

Timothy Conard

Corrected entry: The X-71's are made of "impenetrable titanium" but Ben Affleck can fire a gattling gun to open a hole in the hull. NASA must be woefully underbudgeted for that.

Correction: The gattling gun is fired from a range of about 10 feet in a frictionless atmosphere - pretty much nothing would be impenetrable to that.

Corrected entry: The asteroid is said to be "as big as Texas." Presumably that means about the diameter of Texas, about 1000 miles. Drilling down 800 feet or meters barely scratches the surface of such a rock, and would merely make a nice crater, not split the rock in two. Drilling 500 *miles* down would have a better chance.

Correction: They state quite clearly that 800 feet down is a fault line, and blowing that up will split the asteroid.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, when Bruce Willis is hitting golf balls off the oil rig, he gets ticked off and throws the golf club off the rig. When he storms into AJ's room, he's holding a golf club.

Correction: He does throw the club, but then he picks up another one before seeing AJ.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the asteroids hit New York, the dog is hanging in the impact crater by his leash. When they show the overhead shot of the crater you see the body of the Godzilla street vendor halfway laying in the hole. When they show the dog inside the crater the vendor is nowhere to be found.

Correction: He is there - as the guy's pulling on the leash the camera pans up, and in the few frames before it cuts you can see the charred remnants of a body. Makes sense there wouldn't be much - presumably any bits of him in line with the meteor were mostly vaporised.

Factual error: During the scene where it shows people all over the world, just before the shuttles take off, it is daylight everywhere. It would actually be dark or near dark in parts of the world.

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Harry Stamper: You got any more bullets in that gun, Sharp?

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Trivia: While being strapped in, Rockhound tells Harry they're sitting on "something with 270,000 moving parts all built by the lowest bidder." This is a paraphrase of a quote by Alan Shepherd.

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