Corrected entry: In the scene where the first crew ship collides with the asteroid after being slung around the moon, the pilot is seen crashing into the window of the other ship without "space gear", untrue as we know oxygen does not exist in space, and the fact that there is no gravity would make the body implode not just go around like normal. That is why astronauts wear suits outside the ship, very carefully designed suits that allow for them to be in that environment.

Correction: That's simply not true, the body will not "implode due to lack of gravity". If anything it would explode due to lack of pressure, but that's unlikely as well.


Corrected entry: When Truman is describing the shuttle's characteristics, he mentions that they are made of an "impenetrable titanium alloy." When AJ, Bear and Lev are in the Armadillo on the asteroid in the crashed ship, AJ shoots through the supposed "impenetrable titanium alloy" with the Armadillo's machine guns. It's doubtful that even the impact of the crash would weaken the apparently impenetrable alloy to a point where it could be simply shot through with those guns.

Correction: There is no such thing as "impenetrable". He was speaking about a hull which could not be breached by anything they would expect to encounter in space. Firing a Gatling gun at point blank range in a vacuum - there is nothing in the universe that would be "impenetrable" to that.

Corrected entry: Both teams have to drill an 800-foot hole in the asteroid (even though only one team made it to a drilling location). They are doing this in an area that the ground is mostly metal and they are using metal drill bits. The bits the drillers use in the movie are known as "rock bits" and will not cut through metal. There are special bits known as "milling" bits to do that.

Correction: Having to drill through the metal was an error on their behelaf. They hadn't intended to land there at all, and therefore weren't prepared for it. They had to use what they had on hand to attempt to get the job done as well as possible.

Kimberly Mason

Corrected entry: When they finish drilling the hole, they pull the pipes up and throw them in a pile. They fall to the 'ground' quickly. The asteroid would have virtually no gravity.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: It is explained before the mission that because of the asteroid's mass and it's rotation there will be unpredictable gravity.

Corrected entry: It took approximately 18 hours from the time Harry and Grace left the oil rig until they decided to help save the Earth. How did his entire crew have time to become scattered across the US? AJ even had time to start his own oil company.

Correction: The crew came from all over the country so it seems natural they'd want to go home during their break. Commercial airlines provided the means to get where they were going. AJ probably bought an existing rig, and just put up a sign. Doesn't mean the deal is finalized yet.


Corrected entry: In the scene of the asteroid being split by the nuclear explosion we see the blast from Earth's point of view in settings which are on opposite sides of the world. This is impossible since the asteroid is coming from one direction and only half the planet would be able to see it.

Correction: The only location that is definitively identified is India and the Taj Mahal, which is shown in the daytime. The next shot could be in Africa which is west of India as it shows the sun setting. In the final shot could be anywhere, the only thing you see is a home with an American flag which does not mean it has to be in America, they could be flying the flag showing support of the MISSION or they could be US citizens living in a foreign country! So, it is very possible the three locations could be on the same part of the earth where they could all see the explosion.

Ronnie Bischof

The shot of the explosion in space shows it's over North America. So India would be on the other side of the planet at that time and couldn't see it.


Corrected entry: When the two teams visit the space-station, NASA tracks them each through their green "blips" from their locaters. When A.J. and the Russian were locked in the fuel pod, the control team at NASA could see their green "blips" on their screen. The Russian didn't make the trip, why would he have a locater on him?

Correction: He would have been given one when he went up by himself. NASA would fit him with the correct equipment, being there by himself and all. It's common sense.

He's Russian and was sent up 18 months prior to NASA planning this mission. Why would NASA have given a Russian cosmonaut a tracker?


Corrected entry: En route to the asteroid the shuttles are slingshotted around the moon. Due to the speed and strong curve they're making, the crew is experiencing about 12G. You see the crew screaming like hell and being very awake; in reality, they wouldn't be screaming as the G forces presses the air out of their lungs and it would be very hard to breath. Also, to keep conscious at such high G levels you need to tense all muscles in your lower body to keep more blood in the head, the crew are obviously too busy screaming to think about this. And lastly the crew would probably be unconscious anyway; 12G is a hell of a force and knocks out the most trained fighter pilots around.

Correction: Everyone on the shuttles are wearing g-suits which have inflatable bladders in the lower abdomen/legs parts of the suit. These function to keep blood from pooling in the lower extremities so the wearer doesn't have to continually tense his muscles. That would leave them plenty of opportunity to scream.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when they are heading back to earth the astronauts are wearing space suits and the pilots are wearing flying clothes but when they touch down the astronauts are wearing orange uniforms and the pilots blue.

Correction: There was plenty of time between leaving the asteroid and landing one Earth for everyone to put on their flight suits (the orange and blue uniforms).

Correction: They don't need to change the suits, and also they make the return flight in a few minutes.


Corrected entry: At the beginning when the Chinese people arrive on Harry's rig, Harry says that Grace is going out with AJ due to a lack of choices because no one else is in her age bracket. However, after AJ proposes to Grace, Harry says that Oscar is 5 minutes older than Grace.

Correction: Harry didn't literally mean that Oscar was born five minutes before Grace, he's saying that Oscar is not old enough to have been a father figure to her. We also don't know if Oscar is single or not, he might have a girlfriend we don't get to see, if so he wasn't an option for Grace to date.

Was Oscar even on the oil rig?


Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, the United States is making all the decisions about how to do things. This is most demonstrated when the President of the United States gives the order to remote detonate before the 800 ft. hole is dug. Why does the President get to decide and almost doom the whole planet? Shouldn't the UN make decisions like that?

Correction: Remember the quote: "The United States government just asked us to save the world..." It is a NASA mission (with some co-operation from Russia), not a joint world mission. The President is head of NASA's chain of command, hence he gets to make all the decisions. He is also the sole person to authorize if, when, and where a US nuclear warhead can be detonated.

The UN is not a sovereign body nor an entity with any governmental authority unless specifically tasked with enforcement power via treaty or resolution, neither of which exist in this case. The U.S. wouldn't be gung-ho about ceding authority to the UN in matters such as this anyway.


Correction: He actually says "not bad" after Harry says "may they rest in peace."

Actually he says "Amen."

Corrected entry: After the transmission blows on the asteroid causing Harry to be thrown about 15 feet away, in the very next shot when he is asking God for a little help, we can see that he is suddenly standing in front of the spinning drill bit head. How did he pick himself up and get back there so quickly?

Correction: This is not Harry who gets thrown back, it is Chick watch when Rockhound goes over to him look at his face.

Corrected entry: When AJ is down getting the liquid O2 and they have to evacuate, fire blows up the tunnel and engulfs him as he is climbing out, yet even though his face is uncovered, he is not burned.

Correction: It's a quick flash of fire so it passed him very quickly, plus he was wearing protective clothing.

Corrected entry: In the scene with A.J's Armadillo, you can clearly see the shadow of one of the cameras in the smoke behind them.

Correction: This is not a camera, it's the big gun mounted on the side of the armadillo.

Corrected entry: During the opening titles after the asteroid hits earth, the fireball spreads out around the world and the camera angle shifts across about 10% of the earth's surface, and suddenly the fireball has progressed almost completely around the entire world. It wouldn't have happened anywhere near this quickly, and its appearance would have changed as its intensity diminished. (00:00:55)

Bill McIntyre

Correction: We can safely assume that the director of the film did it this particular way to add drama to the opening sequence of the film and to add special effects so that the audience can see what once happened.


Corrected entry: When the crews board the shuttles, it is daylight, but when they are about to take off it is dark. Seeing as Truman told them they would be taking off at 8 am, it doesn't really make sense that it should be dark.


Correction: When Truman is explaining the mission (during which he describes the "Roadrunner Thrust Maneuver") he states that they will be taking off at 6:30 p.m. Depending on what time of the year it is, it could be dark at the launch.

Corrected entry: Several of the crew are strapped into seats that are far too small for them. There is absolutely no support for their heads. The seats end at their shoulders. When they hit the 12 G's around the moon the weight of the helmets will guillotine their necks. (01:05:00)

Bill McIntyre

Correction: This is incorrect. You can see both Oscar's and Rockhound's headrest while they are being strapped in. Since they are not upright, their weight may make them higher on the seat. But, when they are doing the "Roadrunner Thrust Maneuver" you can definitely see the headrest of everyone they show. They are black, so they may just be hard for some people to see but they are definitely there.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the asteroid is about to hit Paris, look closely at the clouds. They don't move. An asteroid coming in at that speed and force would blow the clouds away.

Correction: If you are talking about the clouds that you see right before the meteor hits the ground, those clouds could be miles and miles in the distance. You can't say that an asteroid of that size and at that distance would affect the clouds.

Corrected entry: If the movie was set in the summertime, why was the 6:30 pm launch done after sunset? Even if was AM, the sun would have still been up at 6:30.

Correction: In aviation, pilots use Zulu time, the time zone at Greenwich, England. 0630 Zulu time would be 5 hours later than time in FL, 8 hours later in CA. So, if the time was 0630 Zulu, it would be 0130 in FL, and 2230 in CA, both well after sunset.

Factual error: The idea of two spacecraft blasting off together so close to each other at the same time is a joke. One would put the other at great risk. Not only is there massive fire and heat, but the vibrations from the noise of the exhaust do great damage to the surroundings. And there is great inconsistency about just how close the two spacecraft really are. The first still shot taken in the dark has them at different towers about 150 yards apart. But, then all the men take an elevator up ONE tower and are split apart into the two groups at the top of the tower. Furthermore, the launch takes place at Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39: the fixed and rotating service structures built for the Space Shuttle are visible. The pads at LC 39 are 8,700 feet apart (just over 1.5 miles). (01:00:00)

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Harry Stamper: The United States Government just asked us to save the world. Anyone wanna say no?

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Chosen answer: Because there was no real need for him to talk.


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