Hannah Montana: The Movie

Corrected entry: In the scene where "Hannah" is getting her feet rubbed and Robby Ray walks in, it is stated that Hannah is jet lagged because she only flies west to east implying she flew around the world. Since she is coming from LA, flying west to east would only take 2 hours or so to reach Tennessee.

Correction: A flight from LA to Memphis, for example, is closer to 4 hours, not 2, and that's a direct flight. If there are stops en-route, or transfers at an airport, it'll take even longer. This alone is enough to get a person jet lagged. Add in the time zone difference of 2, or 3 hours (part of TN is Eastern time, part Central) and being jet lagged is almost a certainty.


Corrected entry: At a luncheon with the mayor, Hannah Montana is wearing a lobster bib. She exits and removes her wig and changes her clothes so she can meet Travis as "Miley Stuart." When Travis sees her, she is still wearing the lobster bib and he asks her about it. The bib would not have remained on Miley after she removed the Hannah Montana outfit.

Correction: To say "the bib would not have remained" is a bit presumptuous, because it IS possible for her to have quickly changed the clothing underneath without removing the bib, which is the point since she made so many changes and got confused about what she was wearing as Hannah and as Miley.

Corrected entry: The British reporter never presses send on his cellphone to tell the company that he quits. He just picks up the cellphone and talks.

Correction: As the reporter is running behind the stage he is dialing the number and right before Robby and Hannah's "manager" get him he talks to the company. He simply put them on hold while he is talking to his daughters, and the "manager" then proceeds to tell them he is quitting, after the girls stop screaming from seeing Hannah.


Corrected entry: When Miley is writing a song and her dad comes, he asks about the song and also asks to hear her play it. Miley sings the song and then at the chorus, says, "Sing with me, Dad," and he sings with her also. He couldn't know the lyrics if it's his first time hearing it.

Correction: The part of the song Robbie Ray sang with Miley was a short song he sang to her when she was little. This is stated.

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