Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
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Janosh: We have all heard the stories. Look into his eyes! They are true! This place is cursed! They are no more human than the devils that invade our lands.
Viktor: If devils you call us, rest assured, better the devil you know.

Lucian: I've lived by their rules my entire life. I've protected them. Envied them. And for what? To be treated like an animal. We are not animals! Is this want you want? We can be slaves, or we can be... LYCANS!

Lucian: I failed you.
Sonja: Lucian, my love. You did not fail me. The choices I made led me here. Not you.

Viktor: You betrayed me! To be with an animal!
Sonja: I love him, father.

Viktor: Killing me won't save your precious Lycan.
Sonja: I do no wish to kill you father. There is another way. Please, call off your men for the sake of your grandchild.

Lucian: Were you not afraid of them?
Raze: Yes, but I wanted to live.
Lucian: Are you afraid of me?
Raze: Yes.
Lucian: Well do not be. I will not bite... Much.

Tannis: There are twelve seats on the Council.
Sonja: And we don't die often.

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