The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Revealing mistake: When doing the scan on the T-Rex leg it's clear the Doppler isn't touching or even facing the dinosaur, but an image is shown on the screen.

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Other mistake: When they have the baby Rex and the parents approach for the infant, there's an outside shot of the T-Rex roaring as Ian moves away to the other side. After he does that the Rex on the other side silently roars, then that same roar bit is repeated from inside the trailer in the very next shot, but the roar is added in, showing repeated takes.

Continuity mistake: The tent scene in which Sarah and Kelly are sleeping, wrappers from cookies or food are in the first shot. When the angle changes the wrappers are gone, but Sarah hides the reappearance of the wrappers in the next shot. (01:18:50)

Audio problem: When the light towers are running in the base camp, the lights are on but the generators running the light can't be heard running. They look like AL4000 Terex list plants, diesel motors on the generators are super loud.

Continuity mistake: When we first see the remote for the cargo hold doors in the dead man's hand, the cord goes to the viewer's left and loops under itself. In the next shot the cord is going to the right and next to the ground so it can't loop under itself. In the next shot, the position changes again.


Continuity mistake: When Sarah screams in the camper when the T-Rex is by the window, she leans against the metal post with her back flat against it. We see a shot from outside and she's still screaming but doesn't move. The shot goes back to her in the camper and now her back is against the corner of the post.


Visible crew/equipment: In the trailer cliff scene when the rope comes undone, all three actors fall towards the bottom and certain death. The actor/stunt man to the right is harnessed and, to top it off, his hands never grab the ledge. (01:02:40)

Continuity mistake: When the girl meets the mini dinosaur she is standing on the sand, parallel to the edge of the grass. A frame later she's half a meter away, perpendicular to the grass. (00:02:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Dieter Stark is about to taze the dinosaur, the guy with the long beard approaches him, telling him what it is. As the bearded man says "They're presumed to be scavengers, like jackals", Stark's taser is closed mostly inwards. In the next shot, the taser is suddenly extended, opened out.

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Factual error: There is no way that the SS Venture could plow into the dock as depicted. Easily pulling a 30-foot draft, the Venture would have grounded out a mile away from the shoreline, unless the ocean was 30 feet deep right off the beach.

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Suggested correction: Of course it wouldn't have grounded, it was meant to dock at the pier. They had everything ready at the shore for unloading the ship once it was docked. The bay and dock is thus deeper than 30 feet.


Which does not negate the fact that a super-freighter-sized vessel cannot dock at a beach pier. The ocean floor would have to be at least 40 feet deep right off the beach.

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It's not a super-freighter sized vessel, its a medium sized cargo ship, probably around 250 or 300 meters long with a draft of 30 feet at max, if it was full. The scene is shot on a fictional location outside of San Diego on a small dock, you have no idea how deep it is there. I don't see any beaches either so I don't know where you get the idea that its a beach pier.


The scene is post-production CGI, it wasn't shot at any location.

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Have you ever seen a pier constructed elsewhere than on a shallow beach? No. Piers are not constructed in deep water.

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A pier can be build at any type of location including a full fledged constructed harbor where cruise-ships or even aircraft carriers can dock at them, like in San Diego itself like the USS Midway Museum (called the navy pier). Piers can be constructed in very deep water, have to be in order for big ships to moor at them.


Btw, USS Midway has a draft of 34.5 feet.


A dock is different from a pier, in case you didn't know. The construction in this movie is a wooden pier, not a dock. There is no way that a cargo ship (or a super freighter in this case) could pull up to a pier.

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Doesn't matter what you call it, it's a place ships moor at. It's a fictional location and the fact it's wooden is totally irrelevant. If this ship is supposed to moor at it, then the water is deep enough for it to get there. Even if it had a 60 foot draft. Ingen built the dock, the pier, the harbor, everything, for loading and unloading supplies onto big ships.


Umm, yeah, it makes a difference what you call it. A dock is where ships moor (deep water). A pier is where people fish (shallow water). The SS Venture crashes into a wooden pier.

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In American English the word is synonymous to dock. Doesn't matter, like I said, the place is meant to have a ship moored at it, it's not a fishing pier.


Revealing mistake: When the dinosaurs are released from their cages and are running around the camp, a jeep is launched into the air and lands almost on top of the 2 hunters who leap from the tree. When the jeep falls forward, and down out of the tree the bottom of the tree moves and shakes in a way it shouldn't if it was truly made of wood.


Roland Tembo: The Rex just fed, so he won't be hunting for a while.
Ian Malcolm: Just fed? I assume you're talking about Eddie? You might show a little more respect, the man saved our lives by giving his.
Roland Tembo: Then his problems are over. My point is, predators don't hunt when they're not hungry.
Nick Van Owen: Yeah, only humans do.
Roland Tembo: Oh, you're breaking my heart. Come on! Saddle up, let's get this moveable feast under way!

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Trivia: Hammond doesn't appear in the second book (though he does in the second movie). This is because, in the book series, Hammond was killed in the first book. He slipped, broke his ankle and was fatally attacked by compies.

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