The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Factual error: When Roland is walking in the pouring rain and talking about killing the T-Rex, he has his gun slung over his shoulder vertically and barrel-upwards. If you were to do this in real-life in a tropical rainstorm for very long, you would run the risk of water entering the barrel and causing problems with the gun. And as a professional hunter Roland would know better.


Factual error: When the first half of the trailer is hanging over the cliff, the second half is pulled towards the edge. But the pull from the first half would be going downwards - in a 90-degree angle to the position of the first half. That would not pull the second half outwards, but more lift the end up.


Jacob La Cour

Factual error: When the T-Rex rips the seat out of the Mercedes SUV, the driver's airbag goes off. The front airbags are designed to inflate after a sudden deceleration detected by sensors in the front of the vehicle. The sudden removal of a seat would not cause them to inflate and no other part of the vehicle was bumped at the time.

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Factual error: In the last scene of the movie it shows the adult Tyrannosaurs and the baby. Then it shows a Pterosaur. If you put on subtitles it says [Pterodactyl shrieking.]. Those couldn't be Pterodactyls, since Pterodactyls were much shorter and had no crest. Those Pterosaurs are in fact Pteranodons.

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Factual error: When Hammond is talking with Malcom about going to Sight B he says that the departure is from San Diego which is "a couple of hours" away from there. A flight from San Diego to Costa Rica would take over 5 1/2 hours. Then there is the trip to the island.

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Factual error: After Ian and his girlfriend get the baby T-rex from holding in San Diego, they track down the big T-rex. They pull into a gas station and the Trex knocks the large 76 ball towards them. The problem with this is that that gas station/intersection is not in San Diego, CA but in Granada Hills, CA. The cross streets are Rinaldi and Balboa.


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Ian Malcolm: Mommy's very angry.



When they're on the island and the INGen helicopters are flying in, Jeff Goldblum takes the binoculars and looks through the wrong end.



Hammond doesn't appear in the second book (though he does in the second movie). This is because, in the book series, Hammond was killed in the first book. He slipped, broke his ankle and was fatally attacked by compies.