The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Factual error: When Roland is walking in the pouring rain and talking about killing the T-Rex, he has his gun slung over his shoulder vertically and barrel-upwards. If you were to do this in real-life in a tropical rainstorm for very long, you would run the risk of water entering the barrel and causing problems with the gun. And as a professional hunter Roland would know better. (01:07:50)

Factual error: When the first half of the trailer is hanging over the cliff, the second half is pulled towards the edge. But the pull from the first half would be going downwards - in a 90-degree angle to the position of the first half. That would not pull the second half outwards, but more lift the end up. (00:59:35)

Jacob La Cour

Factual error: When the T-Rex grabs Eddie out of the car, as soon as it takes its foot off the hood the car shoots forward and both it and the trailers fall off the cliff. In reality this wouldn't happen, the trailers would have simply started sliding again slowly. It's also shown that the cars wheels start turning faster as the car picks up speed going forward. Eddie had the car in reverse, as soon as his foot came off the pedal it would have stalled meaning the wheels wouldn't have turned and instead it would have just been dragged like it was doing before he got back behind the wheel.

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Suggested correction: If during the time Eddie was being dragged out of the car the clutch was pushed into neutral (it's a manual), all the force the car applied to keep the trailers from falling would have disappeared and basically any way for it to go slowly as well.


Or depending on the condition of the clutch and gearbox it could easily just kick out of gear on its own.

Ssiscool Premium member

Factual error: In the last scene of the movie it shows the adult Tyrannosaurs and the baby. Then it shows a Pterosaur. If you put on subtitles it says [Pterodactyl shrieking.]. Those couldn't be Pterodactyls, since Pterodactyls were much shorter and had no crest. Those Pterosaurs are in fact Pteranodons.


Factual error: When Hammond is talking with Malcom about going to Site B he says that the departure is from San Diego which is "a couple of hours" away from there. A flight from San Diego to Costa Rica would take over 5 1/2 hours. Then there is the trip to the island.

Factual error: After Ian and his girlfriend get the baby T-rex from holding in San Diego, they track down the big T-rex. They pull into a gas station and the Trex knocks the large 76 ball towards them. The problem with this is that that gas station/intersection is not in San Diego, CA but in Granada Hills, CA. The cross streets are Rinaldi and Balboa. (01:49:00)

Factual error: When Eddie is pulled from the car, it zooms forward and goes over the cliff. In reality this wouldn't happen. Right up until his death, Eddie had the car floored in reverse. Once he took his foot off the pedal the engine would have stalled. If a car is in gear and the clutch isn't depressed then the wheels won't turn (especially on wet mud!) The trailer would have had to drag the car but the wheels are shown turning freely.

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Suggested correction: One of the T-Rexes has his (or her) foot on the car when Eddie is pulled out. The car could have been in neutral for a long time (accidentally), then when the Rex lets go the car is dragged.


Whilst what the guy above said is a possibility, he'd pulled the trailer up aways so there was no reason why the trailer just fell in a matter of seconds. It should have just started sliding again like before the car was even attached to it. So even ignoring the car the trailers shouldn't have fallen that quickly.

The jeep was able to hold the trailer in place without reversing for a short while. But eventually Eddie had to reverse to keep it from going over and even manages to pull it back a bit. When the car went into neutral and the T-Rex lifted his (or her) foot off it all the pressure and weight holding the trailer is gone so there is nothing to stop it from falling over. It had already slid quite a bit and the reversing was the only thing holding it, until the foot came along. With that gone the trailer just plummeted, not sliding anymore since there was nothing holding it anymore.


I think you've missed what the OP is saying. Before Eddie attached the winch to the Fleetwood (trailer) it was just sliding slowly and was doing for about a minute before he even attached the car. Once the car was attached it started dragging the car as it slid further off the cliff. The problem here is like the OP has stated, Eddie had pulled the FW back up a fair way. We see a tire go back up onto the cliff and get punctured in the process, it then cuts to an inside view from the FW and we can see it creeping forward slowly. When Eddie is pulled from the car, the FW drags the car off instantly, but in reality that wouldn't happen. Completely ignoring whether the car was in gear or not, the FW had been pulled back up a few meters. It would have slowly started sliding again and would have dragged the car like it did before Eddie got in and started reversing. Once the weight over the cliff became too much, only then would it drag the car off at the speed shown in the film.

Factual error: There is no way that the SS Venture could plow into the dock as depicted. Easily pulling a 30-foot draft, the Venture would have grounded out a mile away from the shoreline, unless the ocean was 30 feet deep right off the beach.

Charles Austin Miller

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Suggested correction: Of course it wouldn't have grounded, it was meant to dock at the pier. They had everything ready at the shore for unloading the ship once it was docked. The bay and dock is thus deeper than 30 feet.


Which does not negate the fact that a super-freighter-sized vessel cannot dock at a beach pier. The ocean floor would have to be at least 40 feet deep right off the beach.

Charles Austin Miller

It's not a super-freighter sized vessel, its a medium sized cargo ship, probably around 250 or 300 meters long with a draft of 30 feet at max, if it was full. The scene is shot on a fictional location outside of San Diego on a small dock, you have no idea how deep it is there. I don't see any beaches either so I don't know where you get the idea that its a beach pier.


Have you ever seen a pier constructed elsewhere than on a shallow beach? No. Piers are not constructed in deep water.

Charles Austin Miller

A pier can be build at any type of location including a full fledged constructed harbor where cruise-ships or even aircraft carriers can dock at them, like in San Diego itself like the USS Midway Museum (called the navy pier). Piers can be constructed in very deep water, have to be in order for big ships to moor at them.


Btw, USS Midway has a draft of 34.5 feet.


A dock is different from a pier, in case you didn't know. The construction in this movie is a wooden pier, not a dock. There is no way that a cargo ship (or a super freighter in this case) could pull up to a pier.

Charles Austin Miller

Doesn't matter what you call it, it's a place ships moor at. It's a fictional location and the fact it's wooden is totally irrelevant. If this ship is supposed to moor at it, then the water is deep enough for it to get there. Even if it had a 60 foot draft. Ingen built the dock, the pier, the harbor, everything, for loading and unloading supplies onto big ships.


Umm, yeah, it makes a difference what you call it. A dock is where ships moor (deep water). A pier is where people fish (shallow water). The SS Venture crashes into a wooden pier.

Charles Austin Miller

In American English the word is synonymous to dock. Doesn't matter, like I said, the place is meant to have a ship moored at it, it's not a fishing pier.


Character mistake: Sarah is a trained expert with predatory animals. But when her jacket is covered with blood (and not just any blood, the blood of the infant T-rex), and they're in a forest surrounded with carnivorous dinosaurs, and she knows that they need to pass through Velociraptor territory, and she thinks that the T-rex might follow them, she doesn't think to take the jacket off. And the others, who also happen to be hunters who would surely know that the blood would attract predators, don't say anything about it.

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Suggested correction: While you are right, it's still not that much of a mistake because not only does it tie into the Butterfly Effect from the first movie, but also maybe Roland used it to his advantage, meaning an opportunity to shoot the Buck Rex since using its baby didn't work.

You're really grasping at straws on this one. The top priority for everyone at this point is to find safe shelter. A bunch of dinosaur experts aren't going to jeopardize that by allowing someone in their group to walk through dangerous territory with blood-soaked clothing, and Roland isn't going to risk the lives of other people to hunt the T-rex. This is just bad writing by the filmmakers, plain and simple.

Phaneron Premium member

He's talking about when Ian Malcolm was exposing chaos theory and used the term "butterfly effect." But like Phaneron said, the person was really grasping as straws and this scene has nothing to do with what Malcom was talking about.


Suggested correction: I don't think this is actually a mistake. Yes Sarah's jacket is covered in blood from the baby T-Rex, but as you say they've got to pass through Velociraptor territory. In JP3 it was noted that the T-Rex pee keeps smaller dinosaurs away but actually attracts the Spinosaurus. The scent of the T-Rex blood could actually also have the same effect as the pee at keeping the smaller dinosaurs away.

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Ian Malcom: Yes, ooo, ahh, it always starts out that way, and then comes all the running and screaming.

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Trivia: In the book, the character Nick does not exist. Instead, there is a genius professor that is constantly going into battles of intelligence with Ian Malcolm. Also in the book, Kelly has absolutely no relation with Ian at all, Sarah is the last to get to the island (unknowingly with the bad guys), the professor is the reason they go to the island, and, as far as I can remember, Hammond doesn't make any appearance in the book.

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Question: Malcolm asks Roland why he'd kill a T-Rex. Roland proceeds to tell a story about a guy that went up a mountain and came back barely alive, and when asked 'did he go up there to die', responded 'no, he went up there to live'. I sort of get the point of the story, but could somebody clarify it for me?

Answer: It's basically about facing one's own mortality. Many humans feel that they 'feel the most alive' when facing (and overcoming) dangerous situations, the more challenging, the better. Roland is a big game hunter, to him, the ultimate challenge would be to hunt the biggest and (presumably) most dangerous predator ever to exist. Facing the danger of the T. Rex would make him feel better and mightier than he had ever felt in his life.


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