The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth (2009)

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Corrected entry: The characters discuss going to San Francisco. When they arrive, it is a shot of the L.A. skyline. The characters discuss being in San Francisco. Later, when back home in Sacramento, they refer to their trip to L.A.

Correction: They are talking about the guy taking a Job in San Fran but first going on the late late show as a way a test. The late show is in LA.

Corrected entry: When Abby and Mike arrive at the hotel, she has taken her shoes off. As she gets to her room, she sits down on the couch to take them off - again.

Correction: It was shown that Abby put her shoes back on in the elevator. This is why she sat down to take them off in her room.

Corrected entry: In one of the first office scenes, Abby obviously has a microphone taped to her chest. It is visible during several shots.


Correction: Being the producer of the show, she needs the microphone to interact with the anchors. This is why it is visible.