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Corrected entry: When Molly is throwing up in the ladies room the clip in her hair is on her left. Then when she gets out of the cabin the clip is on her right and when she and her friend walk to the office the clip is on the left again.


Correction: When Molly is coming out from the toilet, the the shot is into a mirror. That's why it appears as her hair clip is first on one side then the other.

Corrected entry: When Mollie catches Albert with the designer making out at the clothes store and she soon goes into labor, you see a shot of Mikey and we see him in the wrong position, but then when they are bouncing in the back streets of NYC in James taxi we see Mikey in the right position. For a baby to change into the birth position he or she needs at least 2 full months. (00:06:35)


Correction: This is completely and totally untrue. My daughter flipped up and down, side to side in a matter of minutes or hours, NOT in two months. The two month statistic is actually that the baby is usually in the correct birth position two months before the due date. Its totally possible to be breech one day and head down even hours later. Just the act of being in labor can change a baby's position to the correct one.

Kimberly Mason

Corrected entry: When that ugly bald guy with the wig comes and meets Mikey and he is watching the 'bear show', That is on Channel 3. Then the bald guy with the wig turns it to football the channel is still on 3. It goes like that a few times over and over again.

Correction: It might be like cable in the UK (don't know if it's the same in the US) - the cable box goes to one channel on the TV (say, 6), but you change the channel on the cable box, which might not have been visible

Corrected entry: When Molly is checking out her bigger "assets" in the bathroom the door bell rings and she grabs Mikey in his baby seat to go answer the door. The shot changes and she's seen walking directly to the door and Mikey is now on the kitchen table.


Correction: She just placed him quickly on the table.


Corrected entry: In the scene when John Travolta is speeding with the cab to take Kirstie to the hospital, she mentions that her water broke. But when they arrive at the hospital, her clothes are dry. Shouldn't they be wet?

Correction: Not all women have a deluge when their water breaks (as depicted in most sitcoms). For many women it is just a slight trickle. Some women aren't even sure their water has broken until a doctor confirms.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mikey's biological father pays a visit to the house, John Travolta opens the door to him. They have a heated conversation and then there is a scuffle in the hallway and Travolta ejects him. When Molly returns later there are visible signs of a struggle (painting by the door is askew, hat hanging above painting is knocked out of place etc.), however when Mikey's father was ejected, nothing had been touched. Obviously the scene dressers went in and messed everything up, assuming it had been banged into in the fracas.

Correction: There is a very physical struggle in the entryway. James and Albert struggle and a plant and some papers are knocked off the entry table. James also pushes Albert into the corner near the door and items are knocked down.


Corrected entry: When John Travolta visits Kirstie Alley and her baby, he says the baby looks stoned from the drugs they gave her during the delivery. Kirstie asks how he knew and he said he just guessed, but he was in the delivery room when she asked for the drugs.

Correction: Kirstie Alley didn't know John Travolta was in the delivery room with her when she had the baby. John Travolta lied about it to prevent her from being upset.

Corrected entry: James and Albert have a fight in Molly's kitchen, then James throws Albert out the door. Molly then comes home and James inquires "Who's Albert?" Only problem here is in the whole previous scene between the two men, Albert never revealed his name to James, only as "Mikey's father" and "the kid's father." How did James know his name was Albert?

Correction: I always hear Albert say and repeat "Molly?" before James opens the door, but not "Albert."

Correction: James asks who is it, he answers Albert. Then James answers the door.

James asks "Who is it?" and Albert says "Mollie?" Albert doesn't mention his name in that scene.

Factual error: In the beginning sequence where they show the sperm first fertilizing the egg, it is biologically incorrect - only the head part of the sperm enters an egg, everything else stays on the outside and eventually dies off.

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Mikey: Wait a minute. These things come in different sizes? What are these? Jumbos?

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Trivia: Mollie's father was played by Louis Heckerling, father of the film's director Amy Heckerling.

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