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Spock (Zachary Quinto) rams older Spock's (Leonard Nimoy) ship containing the red matter against Nero's ship and Spock is beamed up by Scotty in the nick of time. Kirk (Chris Pine) rescues Captain Pike and they're also beamed away from Nero's ship. The collision of Spock's and Nero's ships sets off the red matter and Nero's ship is taken into a black hole. Kirk gives Nero and his crew the chance to be rescued but Nero refuses; the Enterprise fires at Nero's ship. The Enterprise is almost pulled in to the black hole but Scotty (Simon Pegg) ejects the warp core from the ship and the explosions give the Enterprise an extra boost and the ship escapes. Kirk is given a medal and command of the Enterprise for his efforts. Older Spock (a.k.a. Ambassador Spock) suggests his younger self should stay in Starfleet and not always do what is logical, but what he feels is right. The Enterprise, with Kirk as captain, Spock as First Officer and the rest of the familiar characters aboard, goes on its first voyage. Ambassador Spock narrates the famous words "Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the star ship Enterprise..."

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Continuity mistake: When Kirk is sneaking about on the Romulan ship, just after Spock takes off in the ship, we see a shot of him walking down a dark corridor, carrying what is very clearly a Romulan pistol (quite long and thin). When the shot changes, he suddenly has his standard Federation Phaser in his hand when he confronts Nero. He doesn't get a Romulan pistol like that until after the fight with the first officer, when his phaser falls over the edge. (01:42:55)

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Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: Are you out of your Vulcan mind?

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Trivia: Mr. Scott has a pet tribble, it can bee seen in his lab on Delta Vega in a cage by his desk. If you listen you can hear the signature sounds of a cooing tribble. (01:23:10)

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Question: What was Nero doing for the 25 years between his attack on the Kelvin and the one on Vulcan? Additionally, how did he know when and where Spock was to appear? Did he sit his ship in front of the black hole for 25 years? And why was his ship armed to the teeth? It's supposed to be a mining vessel.

Answer: There was a scene cut from the movie that shows Nero being held in Rura Penthe, the klingon prison planet that was attacked in the transmission that Uhura intercepted and translated. The attack was the Narada crew coming to free their commander. And if you were to read the Countdown comic book that is used to give back story to Nero and his relationship with Spock, you'd see that the Narada originally looked nothing like what we see in this film. It was more utilitarian. But after the destruction of Romulus, Nero and crew come across a Romulan space station that is taking in refugees from the doomed planet. They had been working on some technology reverse engineered from Borg technology. Nero offered his ship as a test candidate as they were looking to start field testing it on a ship at that time. And as far as waiting for Spock, it could have been a simple thing to calculate the time and place of Spock's arrival using temporal mechanics based on the size and intensity of the singularity that sent them there, and an educated guess of when Spock entered the anomaly based on the telemetry they had at the moment they entered in themselves. They've had 25 years to wait and calculate what they needed to know.

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