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Sissy: I don't care, quite frankly! I am tryin' to quit smokin'! And the two of you are gettin' on my nerves.

Brother Boy: Now if you'll please excuse me... I have a show to do.

Wardell 'Bubba' Owens: Get off the cross G.W. We need the wood.

Dr. Eve: You have got to get over this Tammy Wynette fixation.
Brother Boy: Well, someone's got to carry on her legacy now that she's gone.
Dr. Eve: You've been doing this for twenty-three years! What was your excuse before she died?
Brother Boy: My mind's a blank.

Brother Boy: Well I did it. I walked all the way down that hall with one less piece of female attire... that is, if you consider a wig attire.

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