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Revealing mistake: Just after the Buick spins around to knock the trailer loose, we see the Buick speeding away backwards alongside the truck. If you look carefully you can see the REAR tires are steering, not the fronts. This car was modified with the body mounted backwards on the chassis because the transmission only has one reverse gear, so to get the speed and handling needed, the car had to be going 'forward' with a 'backward' body. (00:05:30)


Revealing mistake: When Dom and Brian are racing for the job, there is one point where Brian is seen skidding around a corner. There are already skid marks in the exact place Brian skids.

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Revealing mistake: At the end when we see all the police arrive, there are tyre marks in the sand where they stopped in previous takes. (01:33:15)

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Revealing mistake: When the tanker first rams Dom, if you look at the background outside the car it is barely moving. Not even close to the speed we see them traveling at. (00:03:40)

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Revealing mistake: When Dom and Letty get out the car at the crash scene, there is a light reflected in the paintwork quite low. When the camera pans out you can see it's not the moon due to its position, and there is no other light source around that could cause the light to be reflected so low on the car. (00:19:15)

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Continuity mistake: Dom smashes his Charger into the side of the silver Chevrolet 4x4 and damages the front of the car, yet in all following shots, the damage has gone.

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Antonio Braga: So, you know each other?
Dominic Toretto: He used to date my sister.
Antonio Braga: You're a lucky man.
Brian O'Conner: How's that?
Antonio Braga: You're still breathing!

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Trivia: At the start of filming Fast and the Furious, Jordana Brewster did not have her driver's license.

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Question: Why was the money wrapped up in aluminium foil?

Answer: When criminals transport large amounts of money, it is often wrapped in foil and plastic to protect it from accidental damage from liquids and fire. There is also an urban legend that wrapping it in foil will keep it from being detected by scanning equipment.


Foil is also used to shield against RFID sensors which is a safety feature used to protect items.

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