Eagle Eye

The woman is in fact a sophisticated computer system that has become self aware and has determined that the current President must be eliminated due to the bombing of an innocent funeral at the beginning of the film. The computer's plan is to blow up the State of the Union address using a crystal shaped bomb in a necklace Rachel is wearing, and a sonic trigger hidden in her son's trumpet, whose band is playing the national anthem at said address. Jerry and Morgan figure all this out and try to head to the Capitol to stop this, but a remote operated airplane bombs their car. Morgan crashes his car into the plane, blowing both of them up, and Jerry makes it to the Capitol and fires Morgan's gun, interrupting the national anthem. Jerry is shot by security, but the bomb is successfully thwarted. The computer is shut down by the Secretary of Defense and Jerry is awarded a medal for his troubles. The last scene is Jerry showing up at Rachel's son's birthday party.


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