Disaster Movie

Corrected entry: When Calvin finds out that the Enchanted Princess is a guy, he pulls a wig off, but we see he also has a beard that wasn't there before, so wasn't there something to cover that too?

logan crews

Correction: It's done on purpose as part of the joke. No mistake.


Corrected entry: When Amy is holding the crystal skull, and they are talking about how they were destined to be together, look in the crystal skull, to the left. You can see the boom operator, the boom and its microphone.


Correction: All that is seen reflected in the Crystal Skull are unrecognizable objects.


Corrected entry: At the beginning, in the tall grass, you can actually see the cameraman running trying not to be seen. (00:01:20)


Correction: The only person seen running is the caveman.


Corrected entry: In the dance off scene between the Princess and Calvin, in one shot the Princess is shown to be wearing bright white trainers, but in the very next shot, when she is shaking her dress towards Calvin, you can see her bare feet. Then it cuts back to another shot where her trainers are on again.

Correction: Actually that's part of the joke of seeing the safety stuff they used, to see her trainers and her bare feet. do you think they would really hire a dark male stuntman for it?


Corrected entry: When "Hancock" is flying off the bench and hits the lamp post, he falls feet first, but still manages to hit the bench face first.

logan crews

Correction: In the trailer it's exactly as you say it is, in the movie however, after he hits his head, he falls in a prone position, and lands in a prone position, banging his head.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where they get the spear from the statue out of Lisa's shoulder, her shoulder shows a lot of blood. In the next scene the blood is all gone, including the wound. (01:00:00)

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Will: You're taking Jo-Jo?

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Question: What is the song in the trailer?


Chosen answer: Apollo 440 - Stop The Rock.

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