Disaster Movie

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they get the spear from the statue out of Lisa's shoulder, her shoulder shows a lot of blood. In the next scene the blood is all gone, including the wound.



Continuity mistake: In the wrestling scene on Will's super sweet 16, you can see that the balloons keep switching colors between each shot.


Revealing mistake: When Juney and that other guy are singing and strumming the guitars, it's very obvious that Juney isn't strumming.


logan crews

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Question: What is the song in the trailer?


Chosen answer: Apollo 440 - Stop The Rock.

Question: The 'I'm Dating Matt Damon' song at the end of the film. What is it a spoof of and where can I get the lyrics from?

Chosen answer: It's a spoof of the Sarah Silverman song called "I'm F**king Matt Damon", plenty of versions to view on YouTube




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