Terminator Salvation

Other mistake: The T-800 manufacturing facility cannot seem to decide just how the T-800's are assembled. When John, Kyle and Star jump through the hole and land amongst a load of T-800 skulls, all of the skulls have eyes that are lit up, and the lower jaws already attached. However, in the next shot when we see the T-800's being assembled on the production line, eyes are inserted separately and are not lit up, and the the lower jaws are only attached at that point, not before.

Factual error: The FN SCAR-L used by Barnes would not have existed because it was only in early development when Judgement Day took place in 2004 and as such would never have made it into production.

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Suggested correction: The FN SCAR-L was already being produced by the time Judgment Day took place. And even if it wasn't, it's possible in the 14 years after Judgment Day, the resistance (or other survivors) was able to continue its production. Also, keep in mind that the 2004 in this timeline was a bit more advanced than the 2004 of our world (where early prototypes of hunter killers and other machines from the future were already being assembled). Because of this, the weapon could have been produced earlier.


Marcus Wright: What day? What year?
Kyle Reese: 2018.
Marcus Wright: What happened here?
Kyle Reese: Judgment Day happened.

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Trivia: While looking for Kyle Reese, John Connor's Tracker makes the same sound as the Colonial Marines' Motion Trackers in the film Aliens, a film directed by James Cameron, director of The Terminator. (01:28:20)

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Question: Why was John Connor jumping of the chopper into the sea, while he knew the commander of the submarine refuses to meet him? Isn't it a suicide?

Answer: Perhaps, but once the submarine captain learns that John Connor has just jumped off the helicopter, what is he supposed to do? Let John drown? John must have known the Captain would have little choice but to pick John up.

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