Corrected entry: When the bomb goes off in New York, the prison psychiatrist is knocking with his fingers at his stopped wirstwatch. He'd need his right hand for this. However, a few shots later we see that he is holding his briefcase in his right hand, so he could not have manipulated his watch with those fingers.

Correction: "A few shots later" gives him ample time to change the way he's holding his briefcase, or even pick it up from having set it down previously.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the Nite Owl and Ms. Jupiter are in Night Owl's lair, there is a shot of Ms. Jupiter looking through Nite Owl's special night-vision goggles. Nite Owl turns off the lights and we are viewing him through Ms. Jupiter's eyes looking through his goggles. In this shot, the pupils of Nite Owl's eyes are very small - indicating that he is in bright light (as would be the case as the scene was most probably filmed in bright light). However, if we are viewing him through night vision goggles, we know he is entirely in the dark and his eyes would be completely dilated.


Correction: She was looking at him the moment he turned off the lights. It takes a few seconds for the human eye to dilate. The shot is not long enough to determine whether his eyes dilate in the dark or not.


Corrected entry: When Nixon's speech is being shown on multiple TV screens (all of them playing at the same volume and within the same shot), there is no time delay between them and none of the foreign networks are translating what he's saying at all.

Correction: Not all foreign networks broadcast simultaneous translations. Besides, this is an alternative universe, and the technology available in this universe's 1985 is very diffferent than ours, so no time delay could very well be possible.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the prison thug has his arms taken off by the power tool, one can see his real arms behind his back. They are also visible when he passes out and falls down on the floor.

Correction: The arms were digitally removed and are absolutely not visible at any point.


Corrected entry: On Veidt's TV wall, one of things he's watching is First Blood 2. Now if because of Manhattan's arrival in the war we won Vietnam, then First Blood would never have been written, and thus never filmed, i.e. no sequel.


Correction: If our universe can have mediums depicting fictitious endings to the Vietnam War (i.e Watchmen), it stands that the universe presented in Watchmen can have their own "alternate" takes on the war as well (i.e Rambo).

S. Ha

Corrected entry: In the scene when the Comedian is being attacked in his house you can see a light pendant over his dining table that was designed in 2005, when the action is supposed to be set in 1985.

Correction: The movie is set in an alternate 1985, therefore it's entirely plausible that the light pendant was designed earlier in that time period.


Corrected entry: Adrian Veidt refers to Hollis as one of the "Watchmen", but he was one of the Minutemen - a separate group, and not a mistake "the smartest man in the world" would make.

Correction: The "Watchmen" were not a specific group. It was a nickname given to masked "heroes" in general, including both the old and new school avengers. Hollis was therefore part of the Minutemen as well as part of the Watchmen.


Corrected entry: During the scene in Ozymandias' lair in Antarctica where a sequence of clocks is shown with geographical labels above them, one is labeled as 'Beijing'. The film is set in 1985 (albeit an alternative one) when Beijing was still known as Peking and had yet to be (re-)renamed.

Correction: As you said, it was an alternate 1985. Who is to say when the renaming happened in that reality.


Corrected entry: When Nite Owl II screams upon seeing Manhattan explode his friend, you can see the set lights shining above him as he falls to his knees. The first trailer also shows this scene near the 1:35 mark.

Correction: They could just as easily be the lights in the tunnel. Something specific would need to be pointed out to prove that they were the set lights.

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Revealing mistake: During the final confrontation in Veidt's lair, you see the actor Billy Crudup in his SFX suit reflected in Nite Owl's goggles, not the image of Dr. Manhattan.

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Rorschach: Watchmen. One of us died tonight. Somebody knows why. Somebody knows.

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Trivia: During the opening fight scene, Comedian throws a mug at his attacker, but misses. The mug strikes the numerals on his apartment door, knocking the '1' off. This turns 3001 into "300", the name of the director's previous hit film.

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Question: I don't quite understand why Dr. Manhattan had to kill Rorschach. That is, I don't quite get why that was the only solution. Rorschach was a valuable member of the Watchmen, and in the type of world they were in (chaos, corruption, murder, etc) one would think that they would want to keep as many of themselves banded together as possible. Couldn't some sort of negotiation or compromise have been reached/agreed to by Rorschach instead of him being killed?

Answer: He has spent years as a costumed vigilante despite the fact that it was illegal. He has a very strict idea of what is right ("never compromise") and has proven himself incapable of doing otherwise. So no, there was no real chance of negotiating with him - Rorschach himself made it clear he'd have to die if they wanted his silence.

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