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Corrected entry: When Denton goes to buy the Pineapple Express, he agrees to pay ten bucks more for it for a quarter, but ends up buying only a dimebag.

Correction: He buys a quarter. He even says he'll take a quarter.

Corrected entry: In the early scene where Pvt. Miller asks for a 'torch', the person in the diving suit lights what appears to be an open-top lighter like a Bic, which didn't appear until 1973. The lighter does not have a top, as a Ronson or Zippo of the period would. (00:02:35)


Correction: Right after the scientist says "we'll send someone in" and right before the guy in the suit walks in you can hear the distinctive click of a Zippo opening, and after he lights it you can see his left hand go to close it as the camera is panning away.


Corrected entry: When James Franco is driving the police car, he kicks a hole through the windscreen of the police car and his foot is stuck there for a while. Thirty seconds later, the hole in the windscreen is twice as big and you see that there are three people in the car and not two.

Correction: This is not a mistake. If you watch Franco pulling his foot out of the window you can see extra glass falling inside the car - obviously the hole got bigger when he pulled his foot back out. There are not three people in the car, this is actually Rogen sitting far to the left of the rear passenger seat. It looks like he's sitting in the middle in the closeup, but it is actually the left.

Nik Rolls

Corrected entry: After leaving Saul's apartment, Dale asks Saul how much money he has. Saul says, "Only the 75 you gave me." Saul also sold snicklefritz to Chris G. Meaning he should have more than 75.

Correction: Simple mistake considering that Saul has been "smoking" pretty much all day long. We don't see Saul pull out all the cash and count it. He forgot about the second transaction (after Dale's), plausible for someone in his condition to make this kind of a mistake.


Corrected entry: Right before Dale witnesses the murder, Angie calls him, telling him her parents are excited for dinner tonight. Dale then sees the murder and he and Saul run away, sleep in the car, go to Red's house the next day, and then go Angie's house, where Dale remembers dinner was tonight. Wasn't dinner supposed to be last night?

Brad Premium member

Correction: Angie doesn't say that the dinner is tonight. Her exact line is, "I just talked to my mom and they are so excited that you are coming for dinner. I mean, like so excited. So am I, but we are all really excited. Thank you so much!" They never specified that it was that night. Earlier during the scene at the high school, she talks about "Dinner tomorrow night." That night Dale sees the murder, sleeps in the woods, and the next day goes to Red's. Then that night ends up at Angie's. The timeline is correct.


Corrected entry: When Dale first goes to Saul's house after he sees the shooting, Saul lights a joint, and when they are running to leave he puts it out on his table. When Matherson and the other guy go into the house, Matherson picks it up, hits it, and says "Want some? Still lit."

Correction: So in his haste, Saul didn't get it put out properly. No mistake here.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Toward the end of the film when Dale and Saul are in the bunker with their hands tied, they break loose and Matheson comes in and shoots Dale's ear and Saul shoots Matheson. When Saul is being carried down to the bunker, we see many guards with guns. After hearing the gunshots one of them would have gone to see what had happened, as they were definitely close enough to hear the shots.

Correction: The guards all know Matheson is angry about his face. The guards know there are two bound prisoners and they hear two gunshots. Not really cause for investigation: apparently he shot the prisoners.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Dale tells his girlfriend to hide out at the Day's Inn. But when they are talking on the phone while she is in the hotel room, the logo on the card atop the television appears to be some other brand (possibly Best Western).

Correction: Maybe the Days Inn had no vacancy, or this room was cheaper. Besides the parents thought he was an idiot, why would they listen to him?

Corrected entry: After taking a hit from the crossjoint, Saul exhales no smoke.

Correction: This can happen with any substance that is smoked. I myself have smoked cigarettes and cigars numerous times, inhaling the smoke, but failing to exhale any visible smoke. And I've seen the same thing happen with other people. It is simply a strange little occurance that does happen.

Corrected entry: Saul coughs like crazy from just one hit off the cross-joint, when in actuality a true stoner who blazes all day would be able to take it.

Correction: You're dealing in opinion not fact. Marijuana can vary in potency and in the way you smoke it (i.e. joint, pipe etc.). Even with heavy users some types of marijuana are harder to inhale regardless of usage. In the film he lights one large joint combined with one smaller one. That would be incredibly tough on your lungs no matter how much you smoked.

Lummie Premium member

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