Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express (2008)

Ending / spoiler

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Saul(James Franco) gets kidnapped by Ted Jones'(Gary Cole) men and is held captive at the underground marijuana testing facility seen at the beginning of the movie. Dale(Seth Rogen) teams up with Red(Danny McBride) and they go to save Saul, but Red chickens out and leaves. Dale gets captured, but he and Saul escape just as the Asians(who are in a drug war with Ted) arrive. A massive shootout occurs, in which everyone except Dale, Saul, and Ted get killed. Red shows up and redeems himself, but gets killed. One of the Asians drops a bomb down, which blows up Ted. The explosion also kills Carol(Rosie Perez), the corrupt cop. Dale and Saul escape the building explodes. Red crawls out of the wreckage, despite being shot and blown up. The movie ends with the three of them eating at a diner and recalling the events of the film.


Continuity mistake: In the end of the movie when the three friends are eating, Dale's right ear, which has been shot off, appears fully intact with only blood on it. It again appears half shot off when the camera angle switches from front to side.

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Ken: Prepare to suck the cock of karma!

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