Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Continuity mistake: In the first Hellboy movie, when they first show the BPRD headquarters, it reads "Newark, New Jersey". In Hellboy II, they show what is clearly the same highly distinctive building, but it now reads "Trenton, New Jersey".

Continuity mistake: After the golden army bots awaken, it zooms out to show how big the army is, when they do the prince and princess disappear in the background, then reappear.

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Suggested correction: There are two black silhouettes on the background, they should not be black, but still.

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Continuity mistake: When Hellboy has been speared in the chest and fallen to the ground, the POV shot of Nuala and Nuada has been turned so their heads are at the right hand side of the frame - from Hellboy's point of view their heads should be to the left.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Hellboy and Abe are getting drunk by Liz's bed, one shot shows the tab on HB's beer can pointing up. In the next shot, the tab is folded down.

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Continuity mistake: When Prince Nuada holds up the golden egg-shaped "Forest God" pod, it's in his right hand. After it opens and he goes to take out the green object, he's holding it in his left hand and takes it out with his right hand.

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Suggested correction: Between frames, where the Prince holds the egg with two different hands, there is a shot with Hellboy, long enough for the Prince to switch hands.

He was off camera for 1 second. His left arm was down by his side and his right arm stretched out. Really not enough time to switch hands when he showed no intention of bringing his left arm up and given how slow and deliberate he was moving.


Continuity mistake: When Prince Nuada defies his father, he kills every royal guardsman in a matter of seconds. There are only two guards left, and he kills them, also, before he kills his father. As Nuada kills his father, we see Mr. Wink in the background, fighting a very-much-alive royal guardsman.

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Continuity mistake: When Abe and Hellboy get drunk together, they move into the bedroom where Liz is sleeping. To start off with Hellboy is to the right of Abe and Abe is to the left of Hellboy, but suddenly we get a different view and this time it's a mirror image - Hellboy is to the left of Abe and Abe is to the right of Hellboy.


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Suggested correction: The scene starts with Hellboy on the right and Abe on the left as they face Liz. Hellboy and Abe then turn around with their backs turned to Liz. The so called "mirror swap", last glimpse of the two is a now front shot of Hellboy and Abe with each being on the correct side of one another.

Other mistake: When one of the agents is ambushed by the Tooth Fairies he is reduced to a skeleton, with his teeth still visible. However, it was earlier stated that Tooth Fairies start by eating the teeth, then finish off the rest of a body.


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Hellboy: [Offering a beer.] Here. Drink up.
Abe Sapien: Oh, no, my body is a temple.
Hellboy: Well, now it's an amusement park.

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Trivia: When Hellboy hears Abe's music in the hallway, the display he is leaning against has Kroenen's mask from the first film.

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Question: Early in the film, it appears as though Mr. Wink's metal hand can completely detach itself (note how it has to crawl back to him in the museum), yet he is killed in the Troll Market when his hand (and the chain attached) become stuck in the giant trash-compactor machine. Why did he not just detach his hand at this point, as he did earlier?

Answer: The hand never fully detaches. It still has the chain connected to it when it was crawling back at the beginning. It simply crawled back until the chain finally drew itself in long enough to pull it in faster than it was crawling.

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Yep that's a good answer. In the scene at the museum at the beginning of Hellboy 2, Mr Wink punched the two security guards through the door, but his hand was still attached to the chain, it never completely disconnected from the chain or his body. Then the hand turned itself around and started crawling back to wink, at which point the chain zipped the hand back up to Winx' wrist.

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