Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Other mistake: When one of the agents is ambushed by the Tooth Fairies he is reduced to a skeleton, with his teeth still visible. However, it was earlier stated that Tooth Fairies start by eating the teeth, then finish off the rest of a body.


Other mistake: Dating back to the first Hellboy movie, we know that Abe Sapien has very prominent webbing between his fingers (extending almost to his fingertips). However, in the Troll Market scenes from Golden Army, Abe is wearing snug, full-fingered human gloves, which should be impossible with his webbed fingers.

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Continuity mistake: After the golden army bots awaken, it zooms out to show how big the army is, when they do the prince and princess disappear in the background, then reappear.

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Suggested correction: There are two black silhouettes on the background, they should not be black, but still.

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Trivia: When Hellboy hears Abe's music in the hallway, the display he is leaning against has Kroenen's mask from the first film.

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Question: When Abe or the Princess are in the library, (but I can't remember if they are together) what is the name/author of the poem they are reading?

Answer: "In Memoriam" by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

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