Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Continuity mistake: In the first Hellboy movie, when they first show the BPRD headquarters, it reads "Newark, New Jersey". In Hellboy II, they show what is clearly the same highly distinctive building, but it now reads "Trenton, New Jersey".

Continuity mistake: After the golden army bots awaken, it zooms out to show how big the army is, when they do the prince and princess disappear in the background, then reappear.

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Continuity mistake: When Hellboy has been speared in the chest and fallen to the ground, the POV shot of Nuala and Nuada has been turned so their heads are at the right hand side of the frame - from Hellboy's point of view their heads should be to the left.

Continuity mistake: When Prince Nuada defies his father, he kills every royal guardsman in a matter of seconds. There are only two guards left, and he kills them, also, before he kills his father. As Nuada kills his father, we see Mr. Wink in the background, fighting a very-much-alive royal guardsman.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Hellboy and Abe are getting drunk by Liz's bed, one shot shows the tab on HB's beer can pointing up. In the next shot, the tab is folded down.

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Continuity mistake: When Prince Nuada holds up the golden egg-shaped "Forest God" pod, it's in his right hand. After it opens and he goes to take out the green object, he's holding it in his left hand and takes it out with his right hand.

Continuity mistake: When Abe and Hellboy get drunk together, they move into the bedroom where Liz is sleeping. To start off with Hellboy is to the right of Abe and Abe is to the left of Hellboy, but suddenly we get a different view and this time it's a mirror image - Hellboy is to the left of Abe and Abe is to the right of Hellboy.

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Suggested correction: The scene starts with Hellboy on the right and Abe on the left as they face Liz. Hellboy and Abe then turn around with their backs turned to Liz. The so called "mirror swap", last glimpse of the two is a now front shot of Hellboy and Abe with each being on the correct side of one another.

Continuity mistake: The amount of flowers on the Bethmoora Goblin's head changes after they visit the Angel of Death.

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