Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Revealing mistake: When Liz, Abe and the Agent are shooting at the Tooth Fairies, the Agent is holding his gun in his right hand, and you can see the fingers of his left hand holding on to the top of the gun's slide while he is firing, showing that it's a prop gun and the slide isn't moving.


Revealing mistake: The sealing caps of the map container have a slightly larger diameter than the container itself. When placed horizontally on a flat surface, the middle should not touch the surface. When the Prince rolls it on the table to reveal the map, the map is CGI.

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Suggested correction: The fact the end caps being larger than the middle is correct, however, the middle section's reduced diameter is not the portion that touches when rolled. The middle portion has elevated sections that are what touch the table to reveal the map. When the Prince holds it up before rolling, the elevated portions on the middle are evident. Also, the end caps were not heated like the middle when rolled so no marks are left.

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