Continuity mistake: When Ray and Claude are going to bed in the retirement home, Ray tells Claude that he's going to put his wet sheets on him when he's sleeping. If you look closely Claude starts laughing really hard, but he's not supposed to.

Continuity mistake: When Claude and Ray are first put in jail, Sheriff Warren Pike's cut is straight up and down. At the end of the movie the scar is at an angle.

Continuity mistake: When Ray and Claude first enter the diner, there is nothing on the door. Later in the scene, the woman asks them if they can read so well how come they missed the sign on the door that says "No Coloreds Allowed"? The sign wasn't there when they first came in and it's not there when they leave.

Continuity mistake: When Claude & Ray first set off in the car, Ray's shirt is un-buttoned when the camera is pointing from Claude to Ray, then it's buttoned when the camera switches, this continues to happen throughout the scene.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Claude and Ray enter the "white only" diner, they enter leaving the door open. When the waitress asks them if they saw the sign, they look back and the door is closed. When they get ready to leave, the door is open again.

Continuity mistake: When Ray and Claude first arrive at prison, they are walking by the inmates. They walk by Biscuit (who's wearing a red bandanna), then they walk by Willie, he's narrating the story, then it cuts to them walking by Biscuit again.

Continuity mistake: When Claude and Ray have just loaded the truck with the booze, Ray hears music and is trying to convince Claude to go to the club. Ray is holding up money and from the back it is folded up but very messy and the roll is thick, From the front it is folded very neat and the roll is thin.

Continuity mistake: When Ray and Claude are talking in the car you see Claude looking straight forward while Ray is talking to him, but when it switches to Ray┬┤s position then you see Claude looking straight at Ray and then he starts to talk.

Continuity mistake: After Ray and Claude stop talking, there was a little interlude where it shows time going by and a few inmates have died, one being Cookie. But after it shows Ray trying to escape with the plane and you can see Cookie with the rest of the inmates on the field looking up at Ray. (01:17:19)

Revealing mistake: When Claude and Ray are at the retirement home getting ready for bed, as Ray lifts up his shirt you will see where it looks like he's wearing a fat suit underneath. He can also be seen pulling it down to his waist.

Kevin Brown

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Trivia: Fun to spot - In the scene where Eddie Murphy is fighting the big guy, after a while he says, "I know a bitch named Della who hit harder than you." Here, he is referring to Della Reese, whom he fought with in Harlem Nights.

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Question: Why does Buscuit try to run right before he's let out? Why does he say he can't go home to his mama?

Answer: Because he is gay. In the time this movie is set, being homosexual was not only an extreme moral and religious taboo, but it was illegal in most parts of the US. Buscuit is too ashamed of letting his mother find out about his relationship with Jangleleg, so he runs, knowing the guards will shoot him dead.


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