Licence to Kill

Trivia: Regardless of the fact that there is a tube down Timothy Dalton's arm to make the flame bigger, it still took Timothy (James Bond), David (Felix Leiter) and Priscilla (Della Leiter) by surprise. The reactions are the real ones of the actors. (00:15:10)


Trivia: Timothy Dalton was injured during filming when James Bond was hanging by a hook over the cocaine grinder and Dario was cutting him loose. Benicio del Toro actually cut Dalton's hand and filming had to be stopped so he could be stitched up.

Continuity mistake: In the scene on the plane you see Bond hanging at the door on the right side of the plane, in the next shot you see the plane making a left turn, in the following shot Bond is still hanging on the right-side door. Shouldn't he have fallen into the plane ?

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Ed Killifer: Freeze! Over by the trap door, old buddy.
James Bond: Is this where you put your old buddy Felix?
Ed Killifer: Not me. Chalk that one up to Sanchez and Krest.

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