Licence to Kill

Trivia: Robert Davi and Grand L. Bush, who play Sanchez and Hawkins respectively, both starred together as FBI Agents in "Die Hard".

Trivia: Regardless of the fact that there is a tube down Timothy Dalton's arm to make the flame bigger, it still took Timothy (James Bond), David (Felix Leiter) and Priscilla (Della Leiter) by surprise. The reactions are the real ones of the actors. (00:15:10)


Trivia: Despite his prominent billing, Desmond Llewelyn (Q) does not appear until 72 minutes into the movie.

Trivia: Michael Kamen replaced regular composer John Barry for this movie as Barry was undergoing throat surgery. This was the only Bond movie to feature a music score from Kamen.

Trivia: Timothy Dalton was injured during filming when James Bond was hanging by a hook over the cocaine grinder and Dario was cutting him loose. Benicio del Toro actually cut Dalton's hand and filming had to be stopped so he could be stitched up.

Factual error: When the air hose on the truck is severed, the brakes release. In reality, on an air-braking system, if the air hose is severed, the brakes lock on, as a safety measure.

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Franz Sanchez: In this business, there's a lot of cash. And a lot of people with their hands out.
Kwang: In a word... bribery.
Franz Sanchez: Exactly. He took the words right out of my pocket.

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Question: Is License To Kill the first Bond movie that isn't based on a novel or short story?


Chosen answer: "License to Kill" is partly based on the novel "Live and Let Die" and the short story "Hilderbrand Rarity". However, it is the first Bond film not titled after a book. While "The Spy Who Loved Me" shares its name with a book, it was the first Bond film not based on a book (though subsequently, there was a novelization of the film.) "Goldeneye" is the first film not based on a book AND not titled after a book.

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