Liar Liar

Continuity mistake: Just before Fletcher steers his flight of stairs under the wing of the plane, there is a shot taken from underneath the wing of the plane and you can tell by looking at the runway markings that the plane is suddenly barely moving, it appears to be moving about 5 miles per hour compared to about 30 miles per hour in previous shots. (01:14:50)


Audio problem: When Fletcher is trying to settle the case his client yells at him saying things like "I'm the victim here". In the behind shot of her head you can see that her lips don't match what she's saying.


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Continuity mistake: When Fletcher beats himself up in the bathroom, he flings half of his jacket off of his left shoulder. In the next shot, that half of the jacket is back on his shoulder.

Audio problem: When Fletcher is on the stretcher talking to his wife and son, when the camera is behind him, his mouth is not in sync with what he's saying. (01:16:25)


Revealing mistake: In one scene, when Fletcher has the curse and he cannot lie, he's running away from everyone. Then the lift door opens and his boss comes out and she calls him, Fletcher runs away and takes the emergency exits stairway. Just before the door closes after him he bumps into the wall, and it shakes really hard.

Continuity mistake: When the Boeing 747-200B initially taxis out from the gate, the flaps are set for take-off. After the stairs get hijacked, the remaining shots show the plane with the flaps retracted.

Continuity mistake: When Fletcher phones Audrey on her car phone, there is a shot of her Jeep rounding a corner on a residential street as she is on her way to drop Max off at school. After she does, Fletcher phones back again, but Audrey passes the exact same corner and houses when the phone rings, even though she would be heading in the opposite direction.

Continuity mistake: In the scene were Max is on the phone with his dad and his mom is in background at the sink, she picks up a glass and puts in the sink. Then you see Max again, then his mom puts the same glass in the sink again.

Continuity mistake: Fletcher checks his watch before he tells Max "It's 8:45". But in the last shot of the scene, as he hugs Max, his watch comes into view and shows 5:45.


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Suggested correction: Watch shows 8:45 all the way.

Continuity mistake: In the impound lot scene when Fletcher is talking with his ex-wife next to her jeep the driver side window starts to open. It's closed for most of her close up, then switches back to open when she is getting in the car. (00:37:10 - 00:37:57)

Character mistake: When Dana Appleton objects to Fletcher badgering Kenneth Falk, the judge overrules because Falk is Fletcher's witness. You still aren't allowed to badger your own witness in a trial, which the judge should certainly know.

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Continuity mistake: At Max's birthday party when Audrey is bending down next to Max, she tells him that his father is sorry for not being there, and tells him to make a wish. As the shots go from Max to his mom and back, Audrey's hair is behind her ear, then her bangs are loose, then behind her ear again, etc.


Continuity mistake: Outside the court at 2:15 when Fletcher is first talking to his son in his cell, the clock has the sun lighting up half its face. When he hangs up, the sun disappears from shining on the clock only to reappear again towards the end of the scene when he is gagging and walking away from his client.


Continuity mistake: When Fletcher spits water on himself while listening to the tape in court, the amount of water on the left lapel of his jacket changes from shot to shot from a little to a lot.


Continuity mistake: When Greta is asking Fletcher about her raise, the clock on the wall behind his desk says either 11:05 or 12:05 (hard to be sure). When he was on the phone with the judge, he said court started in a half hour, but when the courtroom scene starts we focus on the clock showing the time to be 1:30.

Continuity mistake: At the end when Fletcher is talking to his wife, there is a reflection of an outside window in the background showing a overcast but daylight sky in the window. However, when the camera pans away from the house we see that it's instantly night.


Revealing mistake: At the end of the movie when Max is getting ready to blow out the candles, the shadow on the wall behind the mom comes from a light source that's equal in height to Audrey. Since the candles are the only light source in the room the angle they would cast would be more towards the ceiling.


Continuity mistake: When Fletcher deposes the boyfriend on the stand, the water stain on the left lapel of his suit grows significantly when he stands up compared to when he was sitting.


Driver: What's your problem, schmuck?
Fletcher: I'm an inconsiderate prick!

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Trivia: Jim Carrey turned down the role of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers so he could do this movie.


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Answer: Because in addition to alimony, she also wants child support payments. Plus, she is being vindictive.

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