Trivia: In the scene where Meg appears, Richard Picardo had a hard time breathing in the latex costume and mask while underwater. When he/she pops up, look closely; Meg appears to be spitting water and gasping for breath.

Trivia: The unicorn voices were the sounds of humpback whales.

Trivia: Studio executives disapproved of David Bennent's German accent, saying 'Gump sounds like a Nazi'. Alice Playten (who also did Blix) dubbed over the lines. Ridley Scott says he tried to locate David Bennent's original dialogue to include it in the Director's Cut, but it could not be found.

Trivia: The dive scenes of Jack were performed by a 10-yr old Olympic diver. The wide shots of Lily during the dive scenes were of the director's 6 yr-old daughter.


Trivia: When Jack and his party are entering the swamp after first seeing the Great Tree you can catch two short glimpses of a small statue of Pazuzu. Pazuzu is the demon from the movie Exorcist. (timestamps 53:08 and 53:21). (00:53:05)

Trivia: During the making of the film, the directors had real birds populate the forest set (one of the largest sets ever built for a movie). One day it was suddenly destroyed by an accidental fire. (No one was hurt, and all the birds flew out safely). They had to rebuild the entire set and continue filming.


Trivia: Jerry Goldsmith was the original composer for this film, but his work was canned for a variety of reasons for the more commercially appealing music of Tangerine Dream.

Larry Koehn

Trivia: There is a persistent fan-theory that this film was one of the main inspirations for the iconic "Legend of Zelda" video-game franchise, though this has never been completely confirmed, and is up for debate as both the game and film were in production during the same time period, so it is unlikely that anyone involved in the game's production saw the film until only a few months before the game's release.

Continuity mistake: When the daylight hits the doors to Darkness' sacrificial chamber, Blunder the ex-Goblin stands right in front of them. But when the door panels are blasted out of their hinges, he is nowhere to be seen.

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The Lord of Darkness: I require the solace of the shadows and the dark of the night. Sunshine is my destroyer.

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Question: Does anyone know all the words to the song Lili sings in the director's cut of the movie, or a place where I can find them?

Answer: Well, I finally found a site that has the lyrics. So I'm going to answer my own question, if anyone else wants to know. http://www.figmentfly.com/legend/question27.html has the words.

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