Revealing mistake: In one scene, when Jack is in the dungeon talking to the fairy, you can clearly see that the "fairy" is nothing more than a light on a thin piece of wire. The wire can be seen quite clearly for two shots.


Revealing mistake: The two unicorns are a stallion and a mare in the movie. But both horses used were clearly stallions. This can be seen quite well when the "mare" is jumping around after she comes upon the stallion with his horn removed; a full shot of the male horse anatomy.


Revealing mistake: Whenever Darkness throws back his head and laughs, you can see a cap on one of his back teeth. Since when does the Lord of Darkness need dental work?


Revealing mistake: In the opening scene where you see the bear walking by, you next see a deer standing. The deer has a rope around its neck and is tied to something.

Revealing mistake: There is a winter scene where Jack is wearing a cloak that is securely fastened at the collar with a huge modern safety-pin.

Revealing mistake: The two arrows Gump has shot into Darkness' neck (and which are still in it as he attacks Jack) have wooden or plastic heads.

Revealing mistake: When Jack is swordfighting with Satan, you can clearly tell that Satan's face is a mask. There are fibre reflections in his mouth.

Revealing mistake: When Blix fires a fireball at the goblin in the woods with the unicorn horn, the flame sets fire to the goblin's behind; he sits in a bucket of water to put it out but the flame goes out before he actually sits right down or the 'hiss' of steam appears.

Revealing mistake: After Lily runs into Nell's house to escape the goblins, the baby in the crib is a doll.


Revealing mistake: When Meg Mucklebones rises up out of the swamp, you can see the cross-shaped 'stilt' behind the actor, to which he's attached to, as he sways forward and backward.


Continuity mistake: When the daylight hits the doors to Darkness' sacrificial chamber, Blunder the ex-Goblin stands right in front of them. But when the door panels are blasted out of their hinges, he is nowhere to be seen.

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The Lord of Darkness: The dreams of youth are the regrets of maturity.

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Trivia: The unicorn voices were the sounds of humpback whales.

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Question: Does anyone know all the words to the song Lili sings in the director's cut of the movie, or a place where I can find them?

Answer: Well, I finally found a site that has the lyrics. So I'm going to answer my own question, if anyone else wants to know. http://www.figmentfly.com/legend/question27.html has the words.

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