Legally Blonde

Continuity mistake: When Elle decides to quit law school and goes to see Paulette at the nail salon, when she arrives she's crying and her face is wet with tears. In the next camera angle (2 seconds later) her face is completely dry and her makeup is normal.

Continuity mistake: In one of the courtroom scenes, you can see Paulette (the nail technician) enter with the UPS guy who has plaster on his nose - the plaster is white and has two brown pieces of tape over it. At the end of the same scene when everyone is exiting the courtroom, the UPS guy has no plaster only two, now white, pieces of tape on his nose.

Continuity mistake: When Elle is called to the lawyer (Callahan), she holds some files and no bag. After he tries to pick her up, she leaves with empty hands. A few seconds later, in the corridor, she's walking with her bag on her shoulder. Where could she get it from? And did she have the time to put the files in? (01:12:10)

Continuity mistake: When Elle is walking out after she won her case her hair is a very light blonde and wavy around the face. In the next scene when Warner is begging Elle to come back, it's obviously a reshoot - her hair is much darker and it's curled under at the ends of her hair. She is also suddenly skinnier, slightly tan, and has no dog. Even Warner's hair grew longer.

Continuity mistake: When Elle's boyfriend picks her up to go to the restaurant his hair has a parting. In the restaurant it is slicked back, after, in the car the parting is on the other side

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, when Elle walks out with Brooke, she is holding Bruiser in her left folded arm, with her dog-carrier purse, that looks like it has something in it, on her right shoulder. A few seconds later, when Warner approaches her on the steps, she has no dog but the purse looks empty.

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Continuity mistake: When Elle is at the beauty salon she has 2 flowers in her hair, one purple, and one pink. When the camera angle changes, the flowers also change position from shot to shot. (00:52:23)

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Continuity mistake: When Reese Witherspoon is eating chocolates after being dumped, look closely at the box. When she finds one that she likes, there are two white ones one row in from the back. Two seconds later, just before she throws the box at the screen, there's only one white one, and it's moved forwards a row. (00:11:00)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Elle is at the beauty salon for the first time, she had parked right in front of the salon behind a brown car, but when she goes inside you can't see her car outside, just the brown car.

Continuity mistake: After Callahan hits on Elle, she pushes his hand off her knee and uncrosses her legs. In the very next shot her legs are crossed again.

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Continuity mistake: When Elle is visiting Brooke in jail and takes her all of the goodies in the basket. Elle holds up the "Bible", (cosmopolitan magazine) and Elle's hair is behind her ear, yet in all of the other shots of Elle on the phone, her hair is down and the phone is on her hair.


Continuity mistake: When Brooke finds out that Elle is her lawyer, Elle's hair changes from the back throughout the scenes. First there are some hairs on her shoulder then a little less and then there are three completely split sections.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Elle gets in to the lift when she decides to quit Law, she has a big kink in her hair, however when she gets out of the lift the kink has gone. (01:15:20)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Elle is going to get Brooke's alibi, in the shots of Elle her fingers change places when she is holding onto the phone.

Continuity mistake: When Elle is visiting Brooke in jail, the magazine in the basket in front of Elle is in the back of the basket. In the next shot of Elle it's in the front of the basket, but in the next shot it's in the back of the basket again.

Continuity mistake: When Elle is talking to Brooke at the jail, when they are speaking Elle's hair is under the phone and then it is over the phone. Then the hair goes back under it.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Callahan is trying to get Elle to fess up the alibi, you can see laptops in front of Enid and Warner in the wide shot. When the characters get their close-ups the laptops disappear. This happens several times within the scene.

Continuity mistake: Just after Elle's first day at Harvard she takes off to get her nails done. When she sits down in front of Paulette she places her hands on the table and fingers in the manicure bowl. The next shot is of Elle's back and her hands are not even on the table. Then back to Elle's face and her hands are back on the table and finally, Elle's back when she finally places her hands on the table. (00:30:55)

Continuity mistake: When Elle firsts sits down in the CULA counselor's office, to discuss getting into Harvard Law School, her hair is in front of her right shoulder, obscuring the sleeve of her t-shirt. The counselor speaks and in the reaction shot, her hair is behind her shoulder, you can see both sleeves. Then the counselor responds and her hair is in front of the same shoulder, again obscuring the sleeve. This repeats between shots. (00:13:10)

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Revealing mistake: In the scene where Reese Witherspoon is entering the elevator after being harassed by her mentor, you can see Selma Blair's reflection in the plaque right before her cue. You see her reflection right before the doors close, so you know she was waiting for the cue. (01:12:20)

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Elle: That's great, Paulette. Is that the only interaction you two have ever had?
Paulette: No! Sometimes I say "okay" instead of "fine."

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Trivia: Right at the end of the scene where Warner breaks up with Elle, Elle is crying loudly and Warner remarks to the other restaurant patrons, "Bad salad." Elle then gets up and storms out of the restaurant, and Warner stands and calls, "OK, you get the car, I'll get the check!" At that point, if you listen closely, you can hear an extra say, "I'm not having the salad!"

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Question: What the heck was Enid talking about with Warner at the party?

Answer: She was talking about the word "semester." Since it is similar to the word "semen," Enid says that the word favors males. She wants to change it to "ovester." Since that word is similar to the word "ovary," it would favor females.

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