Factual error: Jill tells Ben that she has a suite at the Hard Rock and asks if he would like to see it. In the next scene it shows her looking out the window (presumably at the Hard Rock) and seeing the fountains of the Bellagio. This is not possible as these two resorts are almost two miles apart on different roads.

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Factual error: In the scene when Ben was at the blackjack table, he had blackjack and if you look carefully at the chips that he received, he received 2 $5,000 chips, 2 $1,000 chips and a $500 chip for a total of $12,500. Blackjack pays 3 to 2, so there is no way you could have a $12,500 payout on a blackjack. Ben would have had to bet $8,333.33 in order to get a payout of $12,500, which would have been impossible.

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Factual error: When they first arrive at the casino, Ben falls down the stairs with his suitcase into the casino. He would have never been able to walk into a casino with a suitcase. The guard would have stopped him right away and told him that he couldn't bring it in.

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When Prof. Rosa calls Cole, Terry answers the phone and places Rosa on hold. However, when Cole takes the phone from Terry, he does not take Rosa off of hold and proceeds to talk to him.



When Cole is beating up Ben for counting cards, before it changes to the next scene, you can see Cole's arm stop for a brief second, which gives away that there is more to that scene.