Trivia: When Cole is beating up Ben for counting cards, before it changes to the next scene, you can see Cole's arm stop for a brief second, which gives away that there is more to that scene.


Continuity mistake: During the scene in which Ben is introduced to the card-counting group, several members are sitting at a blackjack table. There are cards on the table in front of them. In the first shot, the cards are face up, in the next, they are face down, then they appear face up again. While no one is seen or heard dealing cards, the number of cards on the table changes in several shots.

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Kianna: Everybody knows to split eights. My grandmother splits eights.

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Question: If the 21 game is still played in casinos, there could be hundreds of geniuses who can count and cheat the system as shown in the film. Is this a possibility, or have casinos adopted extra security measures or something?

Answer: Casinos have always looked out for people counting cards, even before the real events that inspired this movie.


Answer: Yes, most casinos have now upgraded to the automated card shufflers, which constantly shuffle the cards after each deal, so there is no way that counting cards would be possible.

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